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means copyright.

And copyright means, you may not use my works without my written permission. Not even for inspiration, and especially not if you are a development studio.

But! Did you ever have the eyes? There's a created automatically under each deviation by dA!
dA can be such a cutie sometimes! :love:

And now with all that said, please have a nice day inside enjoying various art defining our era.
Just remember not to look at it. :)


Which is your favourite OTHER place, to spot THE GHOUL? 

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Journal Entry: Thu Feb 11, 2016, 10:51 AM
:icondasghul:: Welcome to my humble show, :iconchristyoubastard:!
Do you enjoy being here? :)

Hello! yes I do thank you for inviting me!

:icondasghul:: Your username. Tell us all about it, please! :nod::thumbsup:

:iconchristyoubastard:: Ah yes my username. I receive a lot of questions about it and had considered changing it time ago but have been to lazy to come up with something else. Anyhow is nothing special, just some lyrics that I plucked from a cradle of filth song(saffron's curse) when I was younger and they read like this-

I splintered Her coffin and lay on the floor
Of a vault with Her clasped as the moon hugs the shore
What treachery this that She breathed no more?
Christ you bastard!
I am not a fan of them now mind you, but the username is fitting me as I always take any opportunity to spew blasphemy. My youtube handle is Nuclear goat maybe I'll change it up.

:icondasghul:: Quit apologizing, and making vague promises about "change!" (--> Ba. Obama) :thumbsup:

Just what did/do YOU associate, with that name?

May it be taken from an CoF song, or not? :)

:iconchristyoubastard:: well I associate it with that feeling you get when your caught in a series of shitty events that seems never ending, when you just want to curse the world, every God, the universe..

:icondasghul:: Ah, yes...

The very thing that I (--> :icondasghul:) happen to call "negative harmony!" :thumbsup:

Do YOU think there is any connection between that phenomenon, and the (mental) process of "believing" in e.g. god, as such? :)

:iconchristyoubastard:: Negative Harmony <-- I like this term.

Yes I do because in the past when I was stuck in a cycle like that I always used too say to myself first "if there was a god/devil would he let/make this happen?".

Maybe If I had not been forced to church when I was younger I would never had thought these things? I feel like its only human to curse something bigger than us when we are struggling, it just feels right.

:icondasghul:: Just experimentally assuming here, that appropriate measurements for such categories, as well as those categories themselves, actually do exist: Yes...

I perfectly agree, that this is human!

But regardless if it's human: how much of that is YOU?

Also: Why/how have you been FORCED TO CHURCH? :shifty:

:iconchristyoubastard:: Well none of that is me now! but dipping into those feelings emotions from past occasionally is not so bad :devilish: , almost essential for my music and art! I was taken to church almost every Sunday by my mother Until the age of about 12-13. Living in small prairie towns that's how you get on with the community apparently.

:icondasghul:: Tell us more about life in SMALL PRAIRIE TOWNS, please! :nod:

It's lovely! I recognize most people I see around and I can head to the city anytime for shows, dining, getting lost, but if i really want to get lost and find some peace then it is off the mountains!!

:icondasghul:: On to your art, now!

Die in winter by christyoubastard   Together Again. by christyoubastard   Target by christyoubastard   Waiting game by christyoubastard

Tell us more about what you do with it. :)

I'm sorry do you mean what I do with it once it is completed? or what I'm doing in the process of making these things?

:icondasghul:: Both, of course!

:iconchristyoubastard:: Recently I have been inviting people I know to go out and get their picture taken at some local spots. Its just a fun time all around to go out and have a theme with these things. Before I just took my camera everywhere I went and hoped for good things. Most of the mountain and landscape picture are during a snowboarding run or just visiting friends in the mountains. I take the photos and edit them at home until I feel "nice" about it, then I throw them on here for all too see.

:icondasghul:: So what do you do if you "edit" them, and how gets the point reached at which the result is "nice?"

Just very basic stuff like cropping them and playing with the contrast,adding another picture in maybe.. because I'm still learning too use pixlr! The point is reached when I feel a little mental high from the whatever I am playing with, a bit like being turned on I suppose.

:icondasghul:: Which, let's say, four of your own works did/do make you feel highest so far, and why?

:iconchristyoubastard:: Canmore by christyoubastardRevisited by christyoubastardDie in winter by christyoubastard
Waiting game 2 by christyoubastard
I would have to say these 4!

The first three I took shortly after deciding to devote time to taking photos. I bought a camera , got out there and playing with the settings  to see if I could get anything decent. I really wanted dark and scary mountain pictures so when I was able to get the clouds around the peaks I was on an awesome mental high. I cropped them a bit at home and when people started messaging me with feedback and tips I was very thankful and knew I would stick with this awesome art website.

After showing a few of my good friends my gallery they proposed that I take a few pictures of them for fun and their facebook or whatever they like haha. I said "For sure but only if they are a little..evil" and started doing this now! so the last of the four was one shot that stood out from the others. I felt great about the pose,and the model was very extremely happy with the results!making people feel good, feels good!

:icondasghul:: So, how important is feedback to you, and do you draw a line between "constructive" feedback and other kinds?

Also, about your homosapien pictures: I think you do that "a little evil" thing really good... So where do you draw your inspirations from, for that kind of shoots?

Taken by christyoubastard   Wicked woman by christyoubastard  

Mature Content

Czech special by christyoubastard
   Raider scout by christyoubastard

I'm especially referring to your various collabs with :iconnox9-photography: here!

:iconchristyoubastard:: !! It helps a lot to hear some camera/software tips and suggestions from other artists from different countries and I use them to better my future works so in that respect it is important!!I mix in a lot of my own feelings In these deviations so, I'm a bit put off when I get messages that say "I don't see the point of the pictures you take" or "Your theme should have been more like"... it just seems so lame why does shit have to make sense. I wouldn't confront anyone about saying that though, it keeps things interesting, people can say whatever they want.

Thank you for those kind words and for mentioning my friend :iconnox9-photography: !! She is very seasoned photographer and photo manipulator and also got me wise to this website. for me I always bring a small speaker to shoots now to play music that creates the right mood and i post a lot of that music in my journal I just turn it on and ideas come to me  always dark, scary, and sexy.

:icondasghul:: Before we end this, can you share with us a song you listened to, along with the artwork that it accompanied? :)

:iconchristyoubastard:: Certainly!HOSTILE WOODLAND DAME 2 by christyoubastard Emperor- Into the infinity of thoughts.…

:icondasghul:: Do you have any last words left, for our noble audience? :)

Be nice to people! Everyone person is different so no-one has to make sense to you! Be yourself!

Ladies and gentlemen, :clap::iconchristyoubastard:!
About negative harmony, rural areas, and sexy homosapien! :hooray::thumbsup:

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