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Die Ghul Show with NITCHWARMER!

Journal Entry: Tue Aug 18, 2015, 9:37 AM
:icondasghul:: Welcome to my humble show, :iconnitchwarmer:!
Do you enjoy being here? :)
:iconnitchwarmer:: Yes I do, thanks for having me.

:icondasghul:: Yeah, that's what I thought! :threaten:

Introduce yourself a bit to our noble audience, please! :nod::thumbsup:

:iconnitchwarmer:: haha, My name is Max and I have been on Da for over seven years now. I am a self taught artists and do photo manipulations. I tend to do more of the darker arts. I run several groups and my favorite is :iconda-morgue:

you should stop in and visit if you are not scared.

:icondasghul:: You seem to be amongst the few deviants who really DEDICATE themselves to their groups, am I right?

:iconnitchwarmer:: I do really put a lot into my groups, they are my hobby as I am disabled and cant get out often. It makes it hard to be an admin for me as I am always expecting unreasonable amount of dedication. :ambulance:

With that being said Most of my admins have been with me since the opening of the groups. Not to brag but we have da volunteers with us as admins and the groups member lists include many da officials and senior members. I have worked hard to include a vast crosscut of members and the :iconda-morgue is the hardest group to get into. We turn away so many people every day. We are not about a group of numbers...

:icondasghul:: Ah, an elitist group! :hooray: That's just my thing! :thumbsup:

So, tell us more please! What makes :iconda-morgue: ESPECIALLY hard?

Also, how can dedication ever be unreasonable? :)

expecting someone to put the effort I do into any of my projects is unreasonable. Most people are satisfied with the accept and run approach. I would love to have admins do blogs like I do and promote dd's through the group, and even inviting artists that enjoy the darker side of DA. I'm doing it all myself and its just a lot to keep up with. This is also the first year I have not asked someone to hand out flyers at Comicon. Last years flyer kicked ass and we had a lot of people stopping by from the convention. Thats always fun to meet new people.
As far as what makes the group so hard to get into is up until a few months back we were very strict on only taking horror art. horror is funny business. Its not as popular as say other art and its definition is hard to put your finger on. Meaning what I call horror you might not. so we have decided to include a more diverse acceptance to what horror is until the real horror art returns to the norm. It runs in cycles like everything else. What horror is now I dont find very scarey at all but we have to have submissions coming in.

:icondasghul:: Elaborate on the "norm" of "real horror", please, and about how people feel about it! :nod::thumbsup:

Also, your "projects" obviously mean more to you, than just running some dA groups named after them...

So elaborate on that, too, please! :nod::thumbsup:

:iconnitchwarmer:: Horror art goes through cycles. At one time Frankenstein scared every one, but not any more we became jaded. Regan from "The Excorcist " was scarey as hell, now we laugh at the film. When I started the :iconda-morgue: our submission where full of blood and entrails, that's the type of art that cycles through, that's the type of art that 98% of our members would rather see submitted. We are all waiting. I can not give a definition of what horror is as it varies from person to person. To me it has to be bloody and make me feel uneasy. Pennywise is not horror. I hope that answers your question.

My projects, I have been involved with many in 7 plus years. I put a lot of me into projects, I don't go for this fake polite, politically correctness. I speak to people as I would anyone else. It has started many verbal fights in the past but I don't back down easy. I stick up for my admins as well as our members. Projects and groups are more than a hobby with me its a job and I am constantly trying to improve things , making things bigger and better. Some say I spend too much time on da but because I am disabled I can't do much else but play on the puter. So I take it all very seriously. when I start some project I plan from the beginning for it to be one of the best on DA. I may now have the numbers as some do but the MORGUE is the best place for horror still. I also have the most active and successful contest groups on here. :iconstewed-tomatoes: I make it a fun place to play and compete. :P

:icondasghul:: About your definition of horror, so what you be your, let's say, three biggest movie recommendations for our humble audience to see? :eager:

Also, about your dA work, I do respect that a GREAT deal! :nod::thumbsup:

But, just asking: does this also make you feel kinda like Sysiphos sometimes? For example because it is "only" on dA, instead of so-called "internet?" :shifty:

:iconnitchwarmer:: wow, only three? :D I have so many in my collection. Let's see.

1. Dead Alive 1992

2. A Serbian Film 2010

3. Ichi the Killer 2001

These three should make your skin crawl.

What a great way to put it, " Sysiphos ", I feel that way everyday :lol:.

I am happily married and my job on da though it is just gig, it is not my whole world, its just something to take up parts of my day. I can just smoke a big fatty :weed:

and get lost in here at times. I do visit other sites but da is my favorite place.

:icondasghul:: Ok, so before we go on about YOU, let's stick to them movies for just another question! :nod::thumbsup:

Dead Alive: Do you mean the classic by Peter Jackson (1993), also known as "Braindead?" I do like that one, but I do
regard it rather as a splatter comedy, than a full grown "horror movie..."

A Serbian Film: Ok, agreed on that one (2010)... Probably the sickest and most disturbing shit I've ever seen! :fear: I also really "enjoyed" just how damn subtle it is, while being that way... Anyway, maybe I'm just too picky, but this is rather a psycho/terror than a horror movie in my book!

Ichi The Killer: Another great flick and full! of exquisite gore scenes, but this one now REALLY is anything but a "horror" movie! It's a yakuza story that's not scary at all, and neither has any paranormal elements in it...

So, what about that? Does a movie just have to be violent, for you to consider it "horror?"

If so, what about being "plain" mindfuck like, for example, David Lynchs Inland Empire, or just delivering shock after shock after shock, like Ju-On? Both of them do have little to no violence in them, but I think they're still somewhat more disturbing, than two from your list!

Also, why did you leave out such (violent) gems as Inside or Martyrs? :stab::)

:iconnitchwarmer:: There are so many films I just picked a few that grossed me out. I could have just as easy gone with The human centipede or the ones you mentioned. Remember horror means something different to everyone.

on another note I could use someone like you at :iconda-morgue: :lol:

No seriously, we could talk films all night and than some. I have over three hundred in my collection. I even love the old classics.

:icondasghul:: Yes exactly, that's just what horror does! :nod::thumbsup:

Anyway, so what about YOU?
YOU do horror art, as well...

Mature Content

Dead Inside by nitchwarmer
   Raising Cain by nitchwarmer  

Mature Content

Portrait of a Zombie by nitchwarmer
   extinction by nitchwarmer

So, how do THOSE fit into your own horror interpretation? :)

:iconnitchwarmer:: Well...only two are horror pieces, the other two are dark and scif-fi. I do have many other horror pics in my gallery that I like better. For example...

Mature Content

Legendary by nitchwarmer

One of my faves.

My horror gallery can be found here.…

But I do more than just horror art, I also kill fairy's and even some emo art. I am versatile..:D

:icondasghul:: What is KILLING FAIRIES all about? :)

:iconnitchwarmer:: haha, maybe killing is a harsh word but I do swat the and put them in bad situations. Here is a…

I found a huge fly swatter at Walmart and took a stock image of it. Since than I have been swatting fairys. Its funny and pisses a few people off in the process.

Oh, put me in, Coach by nitchwarmer

Once They got ate by zombie horses...

Mature Content

Faerie Mountain Breakdown by nitchwarmer

Fairies are evil, they still children and live in piles of dirt. They promise you things to get you to harm yourself and others. The nice fae is just a myth...

Mischievous bastards!!! They all need to be exterminated.

:icondasghul:: Elaborate more on that PERSONAL TRAUMA of yours, please! :nod::thumbsup:

Mature Content

Nail it to the Wall by nitchwarmer
   Step away from the Fae by nitchwarmer   Lunch Time by nitchwarmer  

Mature Content

Ideologically Sensitive by nitchwarmer

PERSONAL TRAUMA? I am confused!

:icondasghul:: The one where you learned the truth about fairies! :shh:

:iconnitchwarmer:: Look it up. Irish fork lore will scare the hell out of ya. I was just surfing around and ran across the article, I wish I had saved it so I could link it. Most artists that create Fae art know the truth they just prefer to perpetuate the myth of gentle fairies.:P

Than there are the ones that refuse to listen to the truth, they are the ones that get their panties in a bunch. :D

:icondasghul:: No, no, no... :police:

Now look, I asked you about THE TRUTH! :thumbsup: You just replied, "look it up!" :thumbsdown:

Whenever I ask someone about THE TRUTH, and the reply is just, "look it up", that's NEVER good! :salute:

Because there also MUST be some PERSONAL SECRETS on that issue, and I am inviting you to exploit just THOSE on our humble stage, right now! :shh::thumbsup:

:iconnitchwarmer:: Ok Im not sure how much "TRUTH" there is to a faerie tale. Fairies are not real you know. I read folk tales and was surprised that so many horror myth creatures are actually fae's. Did you realize that a banshee is really a fairy?  They are just a little taller. :giggle:  Im not sure how much more there is to tell.

:icondasghul:: Aah, now I can see where you're coming from! :nod::thumbsup:

So, tell us about something else, please! =D

Not sure what else to share, not really a lot going on.

:icondasghul:: Oh, but now you are lying!

What about the newest happening in your CONTEST GROUP :iconstewed-tomatoes:, for example? :)

Also: Why is it called "stewed tomatoes?" :shifty:

:iconnitchwarmer:: :iconstewed-tomatoes: is another project of mine. Its a contest group that specializes in contests a little off Que. I mean they are not normal contests. I try to make them stand out. We have been around a year and stay fairly active. We are also a group that offers point prizes for every contest. And a few times a year we hold bigger contests and open them up to the community. :P

Our latest contest is to create a classic scary movie poster. The name was something that was not easy to come up with. Everything that I came up with was taken and I needed something that would stand out. I think I got that with stewed...

:icondasghul:: You know what I am thinking right now?

I think you probably would make a great dADMIN! :nod::thumbsup:

Because you are just the opposite of the current staff system, because no matter what YOU do, it's always done passionately, and also features some damn brainz!

So why not share a few war stories with our noble audience here? 

Tell us more about where that PASSION led you so far, please! :nod::thumbsup:

My Passion is fueled by losing so much in my life, I would like to think that I can leave an impression when I am gone.
One of the hardest things to lose was my business. I had a very successful landscaping business. We didn't cut grass but did the more artistic things in the yard, arbors, waterfall, walls. even planing and maintenance. Anyway when the economy crashed a few years back I couldn't save it. Funny to something I loved so much destroyed my lungs (I have copd) from all the chemicals.
Its natural for me to just throw myself into whatever I am doing.

:icondasghul:: As I understand it, this also implies doing some outside promotion, for example of :iconda-morgue:

What about that, and how does it work for you? :)

:iconnitchwarmer:: For like 3 years I had one member that I knew was going to a convention take flyers with them and pass them out. The first year he took 1000 flyers and we got traffic. I know this because most were leaving comment. Anyway it got the artists noticed.

The second year I am assuming that the person didn't hand out any because we didn't get the traffic of the previous year. Same with the third year. Like I said its hard to do anything if you cant another person with the same interests... Oh yea... the definition of a group! (Like minded people hanging out together)

Groups were a big mistake deviantART made. They seem to be making a lot of mistakes lately. BTW :lol: I love the ORANGE STAR next to your name. It looks great among all that Da. Green One mistake after another. Sorry about changing the subject that has just been on my mind today

:icondasghul:: Tell us more about your personal AESTHETICS, please! :nod::thumbsup:

Im one of those strange individuals that consider most everything art. And though I am not overly religious God is my favorite artist. When you create things with thought to the process its art. I have been very lucky to hold jobs in my life that I figure to be artistic jobs. landscaping, traffic controller, truck driver and even a disc jockey, just to name a few.

:icondasghul:: Tell us more about DRIVING A TRUCK, please!… :horns:

:iconnitchwarmer:: haha great song :lol:

The way you have to maneuver the big bastard is an art in itself. It take dedication and skills, not just anyone can do it. When you can walk to the curb and look back saying"Yep, I did a good job" I consider that an art.

:icondasghul:: Is there any difference at all, between "art" and being good at something? :)

I think it all is about the attitude. Anyone can just go through the motions but it takes an artist to take pride in the task at hand, that what turns it into an art. Remember American Psycho? He made the kill an art.

:icondasghul:: So, the will to technae is artsier/more important than the technae itself? :)

:iconnitchwarmer:: Not at all. Skill is very important but having an attitude of creating art is just as important. I feel that thinking you are a good artists is half the battle. Positive thoughts do make the art better. IMO someone with a negative attitude shows up in the art.

:icondasghul:: How?

:iconnitchwarmer:: You cant tell when someone takes pride in what they do?
I see it all the time.
Not saying I am perfect, nor do I have a special gift....maybe, just maybe its because I ran a small business. I got use to working with both types of people.

:icondasghul:: Alright, I see now! (<-- That’s a somewhat SUDDEN ENDING, but a) I really do, and b) this GHUL SHOW was meant to be posted very next! :thumbsup:)

Do you have any other last words left, for our noble audience? :)

:iconnitchwarmer:: Come join some of my groups and see the difference we try to make. After all, a group belongs to everyone. I feel most with their rules and all are run like a dictatorship.

Three of the best... :iconda-skeleton-crew: :iconda-morgue: :iconstewed-tomatoes: We have something for everyone..

Thanks for having on the show...:peace:

:icondasghul:: Ladies and gentlemen, :clap::iconnitchwarmer:!

Showing why most of us are actually LACKING: at least SOME kind of "disability!" :clap:

Last 3 previous episodes:


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