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means copyright.

And copyright means, you may not use my works without my written permission. Not even for inspiration, and especially not if you are a development studio.

But! Did you ever have the eyes? There's a created automatically under each deviation by dA!
dA can be such a cutie sometimes! :love:

And now with all that said, please have a nice day inside enjoying various art defining our era.
Just remember not to look at it. :)


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Die Ghul Show with THEARTOFSOMA!

Journal Entry: Thu Apr 30, 2015, 10:48 AM
:icondasghul:: Welcome to my humble show, :icontheartofsoma:!
Do you enjoy being here? :)

:icontheartofsoma:: Sure, much appreciated. Back home from work, sipping a bloody mary, smoking a cigarette, life is good. ^^

:icondasghul:: Sure? :paranoid:

Der Narr by theArtOfsoma   Der Sohn by theArtOfsoma   Mahlzeit by theArtOfsoma   Sterbehilfe by theArtOfsoma

:icontheartofsoma:: :) Im sure. My art is dark, but that doesn't mean I'm a depressive, sad or angry person. I just like morbid and strange imagery.

:icondasghul:: Is it some equilibrium thing? :)

:icontheartofsoma:: Hm, that is a good question...

I guess, it about dealing with fear and the fact, that life is ending one day, the fact that we all have to die. Maybe it's my way coping with mortality. I remember when I was a little child, I was drawing all these stuff like spiders, skulls, every day. So I can say, it started pretty early.

:icondasghul:: Are you afraid of death?
If so, why?
:icontheartofsoma:: No, I'm not afraid of death, death is a normal part of our life, it's natural.
I guess getting born and dying are the two big constants/ facts, everything in between is uncertain. I hope my way of leaving this world is not very painful.
That is something I'm afraid of, dying and suffering from pain, because of being sick or something like that.

:icondasghul:: What would be your IDEAL way to die? :)

:icontheartofsoma:: That's very easy. ^^ Dying of a stroke while having sex with the woman I love. My girlfriend is younger than me and lives much healthier than me, so it seems to be quite realistic.

:icondasghul:: Back to your art! :hooray:

Apart from dying, what other fears are you dealing with?

:icontheartofsoma:: I understand that. Well...

I realised that time is passing by so fast. It felt only some years since I was eighteen. And suddenly, I grew 34. Sometimes I'm asking myself: How did that happen (so fast)? Another grey hair?!

I'm afraid that I might not have enough time to do everything I want to do in my lifetime (you know, the nice house in the suburbs, the white fence, the dog, to plant a tree... just kidding ;-) ).

And I'm afraid of cancer. I'm a smoker, I guess that's kind of a normal fear. Besides that? Hm... Losing the ones I love, like my family, my girl, everybody is getting older, times changing, life is unstable, there are no guarantees. The normal madness everybody is dealing with.

:icondasghul:: That's quite cool! :nod::thumbsup:

Now, if you take just that and relate it to (for example!) the deviations featured above, what would be your DESTILLED comment on (for example!) those? :)

:icontheartofsoma:: Hm. That's not easy. Sometimes I create my images with a specific purpose, dealing with social or political problems. Sometimes I try to visualize fears, mine or the fears of other people.

The most of the time I just start creating. There is an image in my mind and I'm trying to bring it to life. I have a very large archive of photos I'm working with, so I know what images I can use and combine to get something new.

The deviations featured above are perfect examples for what I did in the last time: Mostly abstract imagery. People can watch it, have a look and project their thoughts on my work. In the best case, they are like mirrors.

Right know I'm doing oldschool occult stuff, I can use textures, motives and topics everybody knows from (old) horror movies, it's fun and a lot easier than the images I created before. Maybe it's like taking a vacation. :)

:icondasghul:: Yes I perfectly do understand that, but come on…

I mean, no offense, but that "just project your thoughts" thing has actually been already marked as no longer original, no, not at all! invalid! :salute:

I'm not saying that it is the wrong thing for an artist to do, of course...

But come on, you must have thought of SOMETHING yourself, too! :salute:

In SOME stage of the creating process! :salute:

So, please? Give us just one example of YOUR thoughts? On ANY of your works? For example, about how its image originally came to your mind?

Yes...? :nod::thumbsup:

:icontheartofsoma:: You are a tough interviewer. ^^
Personally, when artist talk about their art and how meaningful it is, with all this hidden messages, it reminds me of my days back in school, being forced to interpret boring poems. Listening to all that stuff people getting out of these lines, I shook my head thinking: This is just plain bullshit.
I was pretty sure all these authors just wrote the fucking poems, without thinking of putting all this meaning inside by using this metaphor or that figure.
For example, when I started working on "Lobbyismus" Lobbyismus by theArtOfsoma, I wanted to do a piece which visualize the sinister character of capitalism. So I used a guy in a suit, a businessman. Instead of eyes, this figure has a meter. This should be a metaphor for being blind about human and social responsibility, it's all about counting and collecting money.
This is also shown in the background of this image, which is a big dollar bill.
The blood stain on the figures mouth shows that he is eating up life, it's a symbol for violence.
I think this is a more political, conceptual work of mine. Everybody can relate to that, everybody knows about the bad side of capitalism. Everybody knows the fear of loosing their (financial) existence.
Like I said, most of the time I work completely unconsciously. I realised, it's much easier for me to get a result I'm satisfied with working like this, than to start with a plan. Plans tend to fail.
The other thing is: The titles of my images. I just choose what might fit to my work. When I finish an image, I try to find a title, not the other way around. Very often I'm thinking it would be better not to name my works at all, because a title puts an image in a specific context.

:icondasghul:: So, since most of your art is photomanipulation, you like to experiment around with editing programs?

If so, just when do you consider something "finished?"

:icontheartofsoma:: I have developed a personal workflow: First I choose all photos I need for my artwork from my personal archive, I cut out all photo-elements, than I merge them together. I use textures to create wounds or scars for example.
That's the first, the raw version of my artwork. When I'm finished with that, I use different filters/ plugins, add a vignette, a special colour scheme and in most of the cases a blur filter.
The last part is putting a texture on top to give the image a gritty, scratched look. When I'm satisfied with the result I get, the image is finished.

:icondasghul:: Tell us more about that PERSONAL ARCHIVE of yours, please! :nod:

:icontheartofsoma:: my photo archive consists of my personal photography and a lot of images i collected from public domain photo sites. i prefer to use this material so i don't have to credit people telling me i can use their stock but actually can' do anything with my final work. that's kind of ridiculous.

:icondasghul:: What about, for example, THESE?

Tell us some artistic stories about THESE, please, uncle :icontheartofsoma:! :)

Teufelskind by theArtOfsoma   Das Maedchen und der Rabe by theArtOfsoma   Levitation by theArtOfsoma   Das Tarot by theArtOfsoma

Also, why exactly do you have "soma" in your name? :shifty:

:icontheartofsoma:: A few stories about these... Well, once upon a time, I was sitting in my tower, outside the wind was howling, sipping a glass of absinthe, I suddenly heard a knocking...

"Das Mädchen und der Rabe" is clearly inspired by Edgar Allan Poes work. And I adore the radio play-series. I wanted to do a nude, but simultaneously involved in a macabre, dark theme. This image is the result.

"Teufelskind", a piece about what Rosemary's baby could have been, if it had the chance to grow a little older. Also, I am a "real" uncle now, and children can be little brats, sometimes.

"Das Tarot" is my attempt to represent a tarot card. As a theme, a project that already longer haunts me in my head, but I'll work out this separately one time. It shows a demonic entity without being connected to a specific card.

"Levitation" is a work resulting from “Das Tarot”. I had this image in mind, a desolate, empty landscape, where these entities are manifesting. Right now this theme fascinates me the most: Desert, empty, abandoned places where things happen, things materialize or may have always been there, that people can not even imagine.

Lovecraft says hello. ;-)

And, my "name" soma: I've chosen it 'cause of the greek meaning of "body". It's all about the flesh, living, loving, dying. Kinda sad, because in the end, it's more about the soul, that, what you can not see. It's not the inside, it's the surface, these days. But it IS the inside.
It's not connected to Huxley's "Brave New World".

:icondasghul:: About "surface & inside!" :nod::thumbsup:

If, just theoretically, you would ever have committed some serious crime like, for example, mass murder: do you think they would actually be "able" to identify you, just for the way you are dealing with this ("surface & inside") issue right now, or do you think they wouldn't? :)

:icontheartofsoma:: A weird question.

Hm, if I would do something like this, I assume there would be a motif, an idea, a plan behind it. And I would try to develop a specific style. I mean, that's what all serial killers do, right? Doing their thing, trying to be the most famous with the most sick, shocking way of killing.

And with a strange sense of humor, maybe I would try to expose how ugly people can be from the inside, by exposing their inside to the outside... wait- who said that?! ;-)

Just theoretically. Of course they would never catch me, because I'm a criminal mastermind and all. But they would know it's me, because I had this idea, this specific style.

:icondasghul:: And I guess, there's just nothing left to possibly add to that!

So, do you have any last words, for our noble audience? :)

:icontheartofsoma:: My last words... Can I have a cigarette? Thanks... *inhales deeply*

My advice: Don't start smoking. Creating art, editing images, combined with coffee, cigarettes and alcoholic drinks... is just awesome!

Uhm... well. Thank you for your interest, I hope you enjoy my images and I hope you're doing something similar. I mean, I hope you have a good time. I hope, you are using your time, 'cause it's limited.

Do you hear that noise? Sounds like the reaper's scythe, scratching on your shoulder...

So DO something. And if you're reading this lines, considering you're on deviantART and shit, do something creative!

Except from drawing manga horses and stuff like that. ;-)

:icondasghul:: Ladies and gentlemen, :clap::icontheartofsoma:!

Whom you heard perfectly well, all by yourself! :hooray:

Btw, he also has a stock account... :iconthestockofsoma::hooray: But shh!

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You shall witness true GHOULISM soon enough.
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