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means copyright.

And copyright means, you may not use my works without my written permission. Not even for inspiration, and especially not if you are a development studio.

But! Did you ever have the eyes? There's a created automatically under each deviation by dA!
dA can be such a cutie sometimes! :love:

And now with all that said, please have a nice day inside enjoying various art defining our era.
Just remember not to look at it. :)


I thought I didn't like sports, until I won in some! 

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Die Ghul Show with NABITIBI!

Journal Entry: Fri Jun 3, 2016, 2:51 PM
:icondasghul:: Welcome to my humble show, :iconnabitibi:!
How do you feel? :)

:iconnabitibi:: shocked ...i didn't expect to be invited to participate to the legendary Ghul was my dream and it became reality :)

:icondasghul:: Do you really think it is "legendary...?" Depressed - from pack by UnicornReality

:iconnabitibi::'s run by an unique leader and artist , who managed to achieve global domination in a stealthy way...people all over the world aren't aware of being ruled by him...... DasGhul klaut Peter Feldmanns Kind by DasGhul
this thing alone is enough to make this show "legendary"...

:icondasghul:: I dig, but don't you sometimes think this is a bit too Rothschild-ish, to still be cool? Depressed - from pack by UnicornReality

it's very interesting to see the people ruled by you... yes, they are not aware of it but they could become aware if they really wanted...... the path towards "freedom" is really harsh and difficult and then only a few persons are willing to follow it... so the majority prefers to keep the "status quo" alive...because you don't have to struggle and you don't have to be willing to lose certain things offered by the "generous status quo" .

:icondasghul:: Well if you mean that as I think you mean that, its meaning definitely is cool! :hooray:

It's not what I thought about at all, but its meaning definitely is cool! :hooray:

So let's just forget about that pathetic identity crisis this humble ghoul unsuccessfully pretends to have, and, because this is an interview fgs (--> "for ghoul's sake!" :slap:), talk a little more about YOU instead! :hooray:

Start with your username, please!

I understand, there are one or two stories behind it? :)

:iconnabitibi:: well, NABITIBI is a part of the name of the horse that i am actually using...her full name is NABITIBI HIPOLYTE...a french anglo-arab born in 2001.  i decided to use her name for this account because i have created a strong relationship and the name itself is very interesting... if you look at this… you'll see that the father of NABITIBI was named ABITIBI and the father of ABITIBI was Cheri BIBI... the mother of NABITIBI, BELINDA L'ABECEDE and CHERI BIBI have the same amount of B letter as NABITIBI...another thing that shall be mentioned is the same amount of I letter(3) shared by NABITIBI,ABITIBI and CHERI BIBI...

i found the evidence that proves that an Equine TRINITY exists…

and there must be also a BB conspiracy... but for now nobody can be sure about that...  posterity will judge...

:icondasghul:: Did you know that NABITIBI is also an anagram for BIBI TINA?… :)

:iconnabitibi:: what an "amazing" discovery ! :sarcasm:   i think i'm gonna rename nabi...

:icondasghul:: Why? :sadangel:

i wouldn't like to see NABITIBI to be related to a kids TV drama ... Nabi has the exact opposite character if compared to the horses that are depicted in such shows...

:icondasghul:: Tell us more about Nabi's bipolar character, please! :)

:iconnabitibi:: almost everyone when think about horses , thinks that they are calm  and peaceful animals ... this can be true for certain horses but obviously generalizations should be avoided...

Nabitibi hates the other horses (except for a few lucky ones) and if they are too near her, she may try to kick or bite em' ... and sometimes she does that also to people, especially if they don't respect her... she has already kicked 1 person and almost broken his hand and tried to kick other 3 persons...

btw the probability of kicks and bites depends also on her very variable mood that changes every day... some days she is very calm , in others instead she is very aggressive... you need to be always careful if you want to live a long life...  most of the people doesn't like Nabi because of her aggressive character , this is considered as a "flaw"... the truth instead is that this "unique" character(+the special name) is what makes Nabi special and that's why i really like this horse :)

:icondasghul:: Tell us more about the EQUINE TRINITY! :nod:

CHERI BIBI and ABITIBI are the main rulers and share their power equally... they live in a parallel dimension and then they sent NABITIBI in our dimension in an attempt to extend their influence over the world.

:icondasghul:: Equinity (does that word exist?) does also play a major role in your ART…

another dimension. by nabitibi   the bright soul by nabitibi   chasing the ghosts by nabitibi   fleer by nabitibi

What's the most INSPIRING thing about HORSES?

i think that the most inspiring and interesting thing about them is their complex behaviour and the way they communicate ... which isn't very easy to comprehend especially if you don't know them very well.

:icondasghul:: So do elaborate on that a bit more, please! :nod::thumbsup:

fears... often we(me and the other riders) ride near a highway with a lot of traffic and that means lot of noise+ fast vehicles and the horses are not afraid of all that mess ... they are desensitized ... it is much higher the probability that the horse have the fear of small objects such as a piece of plastic in the middle of the road or some noise in the distance ... sometimes they have fear of things that you don't even see ( maybe horses can see Ghouls? )
so you need to be always ready for every kind of reaction... even the calmest horses can be triggered by little trifles ... and horse's overreactions can lead to unpleasant consequences...

:icondasghul:: Like what?

:iconnabitibi:: ... you might take off from the saddle and ... the amount of "unpleasant" depends on Where the Unexpected Landing takes place and how it happens ...   most of the time you remain unharmed or only slightly injured but sometimes it can be much worse... this kind of accident happend to me a few times but luckily i have never got any injuries from such things :)

:icondasghul:: Enough about horses now! :salute:

Tell us more about your endeavours in PHOTOGRAPHY! :salute:

:iconnabitibi:: well, i started with photography only a few months ago when i found the old digital camera (fujifilm finepix s5600) bought some years ago by my parents ... since then i started enjoying really much taking photos without caring a lot about the technique and the settings and i relied much on the photo editor Filters ... after the first months , i began thinking a lot more about the technique and how to get better results and certain effects straight out of the camera ( my favourite technique is panning for motion shots ) . during all that time, i changed my approach to photography ... at the beginning i used to make hundreds of photos and decide later which ones to modify and upload... now i am more slow and meditative , before taking the photo , i think at what i want to achieve and act accordingly to reach the objective with better results... btw in the last weeks i had the feeling that i needed to make new experiments and try something "new" ...... and i found Film photography! i have decided that i'm gonna try it and i am getting the necessary equipment ...

i think it will be very interesting because of the limitations that actually can boost the photographer's creativity , the satisfaction of Processing correctly the Film ... and a lot more of good reasons related to shooting Film...

:icondasghul:: Do share, let’s say, four of your personal faves by yourself please, and elaborate a bit on them!

:iconnabitibi:: well, generally my Fav photos are the ones that contains a big amount of originality(i make tons of banal photos but these aren't the photos that satisfy me)  , such as   two dimensions colliding. by nabitibi official portrait of  trinity by nabitibi      negative ghouls by nabitibi blending by nabitibi

many of my  abstract photos are about blending both positivity and negativity(brightness and darkness) ... i do that because i think that it is wrong focusing only on one of the two extremes ( positivity or negativity) ... reality and the world are not based on only one of these two extremes , they are based on a blend of them ... photos N1 and N4 are about this idea .

N2 is the only photo that i personally consider a Masterpiece ... it's a photo that humankind thought it was impossible to make ... but i did it! A portrait of TRINITY :icondasghul:  ...

N3 is one of my fav Ultra dark negative photos... usually they are made by accident , very overexposed photos that i try to convert to negative and sometimes i get very surreal and dark results , which i really like (another negative fav is  disquieting presence by nabitibi )

:icondasghul:: I agree, these are some good choices! :nod::thumbsup:

Talking about negativity btw, one cannot help but notice that you are also quite a fan of noble GHOULISM...

politics and evil are one and the same by nabitibi 

What's the story behind that? :)

:iconnabitibi:: a few months ago i discovered :icongawrila-jugend:  and met the  leader of the group while i was posting some GEMA music ... at that time i didn't even know who :icondasghul: was and what Gawrila-Jugend was about ... but after talking with the Leader , Everything changed! i discovered the Hidden knowledge i had about ghoulism  ... as i said before in this interview , :icondasghul:  already have the control over the mind of all the people of this world ... but only a few are aware of this . talking with him made me aware of this situation but i didn't feel uncomfortable... thanks to his charisma i became a Strong Supporter of Ghoulism...  :salute:

even though Ghoulism is pretty "new" for me , during this time it has been very important for me and probably it will be even more important in the future...

:icondasghul:: I say, those are some BEAUTIFUL WORDS! :w00t::thumbsup:

Do you have any other beautiful (last) words left, for our noble audience? :)

:iconnabitibi:: well , i have to say that generally i hate interviews because i am  very introvert but in this case i really enjoyed this interview and i'll never forget it because it's an unique event... which won't be repeated again in the future!

To conclude i just need two words : HAIL GAWRILA! :salute:

:icondasghul:: Ladies and gentlemen, :clap::iconnabitibi:!

About horses, ghouls, horses, photography, ghouls, and a few horses! :hooray:

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Gawrila Ghul
Artist | Varied
I was born a few years ago, then I became a ghoul and the greatest man in the universe.

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