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And copyright means, you may not use my works without my written permission. Not even for inspiration, and especially not if you are a development studio.

But! Did you ever have the eyes? There's a created automatically under each deviation by dA!
dA can be such a cutie sometimes! :love:

And now with all that said, please have a nice day inside enjoying various art defining our era.
Just remember not to look at it. :)


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Die Ghul Show with ANSDESIGN!

Journal Entry: Thu Oct 23, 2014, 10:18 AM
:icondasghul:: Welcome to my humble show, :iconansdesign:!
Do you enjoy being here? :)

:iconansdesign:: Hello and thank you for your warm welcome. :bow: I'm definitely enjoying myself. Thanks for asking!

:icondasghul:: Introduce yourself a bit to our noble audience, please! :nod:

:iconansdesign:: As the most of you will know, my name is Ans and I'm Dutch.

I'm..... years young. Hmm, strange that my PC will not write numbers. ;))

I like to cook, read, listen to all kinds of music, spend time with friends and of course with my daughter Wendy, also known as :iconvardawendy: on DA (clandestine advertising).

And how surprising...I like to take pictures of all kinds of things.

:icondasghul:: And some of them are really good… Personally, I like it best when you go DARK.

In your arms... by ansdesign   It's not dark yet... by ansdesign   Ghosthunters... by ansdesign   Perspectives... by ansdesign  

So tell us more about that, please! :nod:

:iconansdesign:: First I want to thank you Ghul for liking some of my pictures. :bow:

Why darker works... that's not an easy question.

Sometimes it just develops spontaneously, but there are also moments in my life that it has a sort of therapeutical effect on me. A way to let some feelings out of my system.

And I love B/W pictures. If one does not use colors in a picture, the composition becomes very important.

It's another way of looking at a subject.

:icondasghul:: Tell us more about why you sometimes feel like you need THERAPY, please!

(<-- Hooray for SUBTLE QUESTIONS! :hooray:)

:iconansdesign:: Your subtle questions make this an in-depth interview . :phew:

But I will give it a try to explain what I mean with therapy.

Everybody has dark and difficult moments in their lives... so do
I. :nod:
A few years ago my husband died suddenly and I had to fill up such an empty space in my life.

I bought a cheap camera so I could focus my mind on other things and I saw that the world was still a very beautiful place.

But I also could let out emotions through my pictures. I will give an example:

Without words... by ansdesign

So, if you're going through my :gallery: you can "read" me! :bookdiva:

Making pictures is also a lot of fun, which is also therapy! :w00t:

And of course the contact with other members of the :community: is great.

I'm certainly not a :sadangel:

See you at the next question :eager:

:icondasghul:: Well speaking about your gallery, I think 2326 deviations in just one year is quite a lot, and might probably even have some discouraging side-effects on THE WEAK… :paranoid:

So, in order to READ you, which of its segments would YOU actually suggest? Or does just this rather seem to be the reason why you put up so many things there, in first place? :)

:iconansdesign:: Well, first of all I'm almost a Deviant for two years now instead of one year, so the number of deviations should be divided by two. =P.

You're right, I post a lot, but I never thought that could discourage other people.

I think I'm an impulsive poster/woman, which you can see in my gallery.

I don't count. I post when something feels and looks right to me and of course I'm vain enough to admit that I'm glad when other people like it too.:blush:

If someone finds that discouriging, then that would hurt me, because all of those pictures and drawings etc. are a part of me.

Which brings me to the other part of your question...which segments would I suggest so others can "read" me. There isn't a particular folder in my gallery that explains everything of me. You can find a piece of my character everywhere. In fact, I hate folders, because as I already's all me.

I understand why it's practical to make them, but my folders are a mess and maybe that's me. A little bit of everything. :lol: I hope people still understand what I'm saying, because I write the way I am: a bit chaotic.

:icondasghul:: But, since people will make up their own interpretations about what you are, anyway… Just why exactly would you feel HURT, if someone, because of exhaustion for example, might refuse to browse just EVERYTHING YOU EVER DID? :hmm:

:iconansdesign:: People will always make their own interpretations about everything and I think it's a good thing to have an own view on things/, also about me! :)

I would be hurt if the amount of my deviations had some discouraging effects on people. Not because they wouldn't see every picture of me, but because it would be very sad if I had that effect on people.

If people are getting exhausted by browsing my gallery, then i would say they should stop immediately, because there are much more important things in life than my works. ;))

Maybe this picture says a lot about can be dark, but I still try to celebrate life...

Celebration... by ansdesign

:icondasghul:: Well that's just not EXACTLY referring to how I meant that question, but certainly enough, will still perfectly do! :hooray:

So, about that picture now! :hooray:

It is called "celebration", but the very first thing I was thinking when I saw it, actually was, "army colours!"

So, what makes YOU so fond of the ARMY? :)

:iconansdesign:: By editing this picture I wasn't thinking about camouflage colors, but now that you refer to it, I have to agree that one could see it that way. But maybe your interest in the army is greater than mine, which could explain your first thought.

As for the army: the first thing that pops into our minds is war. I think the army isn't just fighting in a war, it's also helping when there is a disaster: when people need help because of all kinds of emergencies, even during the smallest catastrophies.

I don't like violence at all, but I realise that we couldn't do without weapons/the army. There are armies since the Stone Age and there will be armies till the end of time I suppose.

There is just too much violence in this world and until one stops, the rest won't bother to do so. The army is a barrier to keep us safe.

My parents lived during WWII, so I know how much they had to suffer. Without the US/UK/Canadian army, they wouldn't have survived. And of course I'm talking just about the Dutch army. Of course not just The Netherlands were suffering, but every country that was involved.

So it isn't that I'm fond of the army, but I realise that we need their protection and I respect them a lot for what they are doing. :iconrespectplz:

:icondasghul:: Oh wow, I didn't know the dutch had an ARMY! :hooray:

But anyway, you do realize that without the one army, there wouldn't be any reason for you to thank the other one at all, right?

So, just what do you think it means that something managed to survive, since the stone age?

Also, do you think that "war is the continuation of politics?" (Clausewitz)

Just asking because most definitely, you were using some DIPLOMACY in your last answer... :paranoid:

:iconansdesign:: Yes, the Dutch have an army!! One is never too old to learn. ;)

I don't really understand what you mean with your question about thanking armies. (???) If you mean that I don't have to be thankful for other armies that keep people safe, then of course I am. I was just giving a personal example about one instance where armies were needed.

There have been wars forever, like I said, since the Stone Age. The reason to go to war may have changed since then, but some people will always fight over something.

I haven't read Clausewitz and I don't think I ever will. I read other stuff, not about warfare. But looking at that quote I think it can be in some cases. Not every form of politics has to escalate into war, but sometimes it will. I also think that there are many other reasons to start a war, like religion. Wars start because people want something and often that reason is an increase in power, gain land, religious ideas, etc.

I actually don't think that being diplomatic is a bad thing at all. To me it's a compliment! But my previous answer was my truth, even if you maybe think I was being tactical about my words.

:icondasghul:: Since you mentioned religion, you seem to be quite engaged in :iconbuddhist-club:

What about that? Would you consider buddhism a RELIGION?

:iconansdesign:: You're right. I'm an active contributor to the :iconbuddhist-club:, like I am in other groups too. Sometimes I just wonder why it's called the "Buddhist Club", because it's definitely not all about Buddha or spirituality. So I am surprised by that. But it's a calm, friendly and open group, so I like to post there, just like I enjoy posting at other groups

I don't consider Buddhism to be a religion. Religion to me is the belief in a higher power like God, Allah, etc. Buddhism to me is about a human, a man, who finds a way to reach enlightenment. I am also inspired and like to read about people who are trying to reach enlightenment or have reached it. Who wouldn't like to reach enlightenment. :)

So to me Buddhism is more of a lifestyle, but religion the trust and belief in something "bigger".

These are some of my pictures that show that show that I'm interested in Buddhism:

Namaste... by ansdesign Inner Glow... by ansdesign Tranquility... by ansdesign

:icondasghul:: Agreed, and that's probably the reason why no one never heard about MILITANT BUDDHISTS yet! :shh:

But anyway, what is your personal idea of ENLIGHTENMENT? :)

:iconansdesign:: I certainly will keep this between the two of us :shh:

But if I may say something nevertheless, I agree, I didn't know that, but if one thinks that in a religion there's always something like a "Heaven" and a "Hell", so why wouldn't there be something like that in Buddhism, too.

I could imagine, seeing from my point of view that Buddhism isn't a religion, that there will be something like a good and a bad Karma. So maybe comparable with a religious view on good and bad.

What does enlightenment mean to me as a non-Buddhist…

For me it's a process of growing, which takes a lot of time and patience.

Unfortunately, there are no highways to enlightenment. Working at yourself is a process of many years of falling and rising.  But it's like looking into the mirror every day .You do not see that you are getting older slowly. But look at a picture of yourself of a few years back and you can see the difference immediately.

With your inner growth it is the same. Think back some years and see how you lived your life back then en how you are living now. Did you grow? Are you more at peace with yourself? Are you happy with your surroundings? Can you live without worrying too much?

When you reach the state of complete happiness and calmth, then you’ve reached enlightenment in my point of view.

:icondasghul:: So ENLIGHTENMENT is just the same as HAPPINESS? (--> Very much of it?) :shifty:

:iconansdesign:: The simplicity of your question is refreshing.  :phew:

I think enlightenment to me means not only being happy, but also to feel content with life and the world around you. It's about peace of mind, not worrying, no having negative thoughts…as I said in the former question if I remember well.

I presume that it is almost impossible for most “normal people”. Daily life brings worries and worries bring negative thoughts. That's what makes us human.

So I think that true enlightenment is almost impossible to reach. But on the spiritual path, one learns to find this kind of happiness without needing nice things to happen on the outside.

Even a blue sky or a sunray can bring us closer to enlightment, because in those moments we forget life and troubles. And we forget about time, bad things, and the world just seems complete and we are one with nature.

In an unenlightet life we have moments of happiness as well, but not in a continuous state.

Am I still making sense? :p

Maybe a nice picture to end my answer...

Spiritual smoke... by ansdesign

:icondasghul:: Yes you are, don't worry! :salute:

But if you think true enlightenment is impossible anyway, why do you quest for it at all?

Might herein actually lie the core of the religious "believing" phenomenon, that's in buddhism?

:iconansdesign:: That's truly a relief. ;)

I didn't say it's impossible to reach enlightenment, but I think it's a very difficult way, with a goal that is not reachable for very many people.

But since I'm not a Buddhist… although by all these questions about it I'm a lot closer… I'm just saying how I see it.

It is not my quest, it are my thoughts about it. I already mentioned that I'm interested in Buddhism, but that’s far away from being one.

What Bhuddism have in common with religion is perhaps the worship of statues, images, etc. And religion CAN be about fearing a God or to live to a certain kind of rules.

Maybe you can see Buddha like a teacher and a Bhuddist like a student.

:icondasghul:: I say, you skipped my "believing" question in a very elegant way! :iconagreeingbritainsplz:

I also say, the similarities to GHOULISM :icongawrila-jugend: I do find quite striking so far! :hooray:

Both include some massively exaggerated personality cult, both include the concept of WORSHIP, and yet still, both of them are acting much more credible and authentic than let's say, all 2000 years of DESERT RELIGIONS that actually came after them one of them…

So, generally speaking now, just how important do you think PERSONALITY is?

Do you think the way religious leaders are hyped, does in some central aspect differ from the way let's say, hollywood stars are hyped?

Also, how is it actually possible to be just INTERESTED in something, while simultaneously being completely immune to everything it might probably have in store for oneself? Like, a quest for enlightenment?

Also, do you think JESUS spent his early years not mentioned in the bible, TRAVELLING EAST? :)

:iconansdesign:: In which way did I skip your "believing" question?  :confused:

If I wrote something wrong it can be because English isn't my mothertongue. Making myself clear in a near-native level easy, but if I didn't understand it corrently. then I'm glad I "skipped" in an elegant way. :)

To tell something about Ghoulism and desert religions...I'm sorry, but those are subjects I want to avoid, because it has nothing to do with the whole issue in my humble opinion.

Personality is important. It will be different for everyone something, because we're all unique.. The most important thing about my personality is my passion for the things I do. That goes from family and friends, to my interests. If I do something I try to do it with my heart and being honost in the things I do.

Just interested in something and being "immune" to something like a quest for enlightenment...that's your question...

My answer is...should I be a Hobbit to be interested in The Lord Of The Rings? Should I be a murderer to be interested in reading detectives? I'm a Christian and I believe in God, so that would mean I can't be interested in Buddhism?

The Lost years of Jesus, the life of Issa, yes I've heard of it.

Do I believe in this story? Who am I to say yes or no. None of us were there at that moment, but I THINK it's a legend.

If it wasn't a legend I believe it would in the Bible. I think that Jesus was working as a carpenter in
Galilee, just like his mortal father.

:icondasghul:: Hey, there is no right or wrong on this humble show! :thumbsup:

So, since there are more than one models of the christian GOD, which one is yours to believe in? :)

:iconansdesign:: Good to know!! :phew:

I was raised a catholic and wood go to church with my parents every Sunday. In my teenage years I was going to church too, but to play the church organ every sunday.

Praying, was and is for me something for which I don't need the institute/building church.

It's about what I’m feeling in my heart and soul.

I consider myself a Christian. I believe in God, in a higher Power. My God is my Creator and my guide through life. Almost like a friend.

I believe in a God of Goodness, I’m absolutely not God-fearing.

I try to live my life after the Ten Commandments, which brings me to the Bible.

I see and explain The Bible in my own way, which means I don't take everything literally.

I used it in my own way as a guidance.

It's hard to explain what I believe in just a few sentences, because it's a "Believe" and not a science. But this is basically my answer in short.

:icondasghul:: I see…

MORE ART! :hooray:

Thin air... by ansdesign   I see fire... by ansdesign   Reverse... by ansdesign   Can you see it too, or is it too loud... by ansdesign

Tell us more about your DIGITAL stuff now, please! :nod:

:iconansdesign:: :hooray:

My digital stuff, so my manipulations folder more or less.

Sometimes I have something in mind, so then it's a kind of concept, but most of the time it develops when I'm editing the picture.

It starts to sort of lead its own life. Because it's a manipulation I feel like I can be more creative. I don't have to think so much. If I take a macro it needs to be perfect, sharp and clear… and people will compare it more easily to other macros, especially if I take a capture of a flower or another common topic.

Making manipulations is totally different than "today I'm going to capture autumn leafs".

That's a plan I have beforehand, but manipulating is in my case most of the time spontaneous.

The outcome is always fascinating for me… I like to try things in different editing programs (Photoshop, free online editing programs) and sometimes something I really likes comes out of it. I like to play with filters and colors. Some effects make a picture look like something it is not. I can make a tree look like it's on fire. Or streetlights like spaceships… or sometimes like nothing at all. I like to create abstract things sometimes. So everyone can see something different in my capture…

:icondasghul:: Do you have any last words left, for our noble audience? :)

:iconansdesign:: :aww:  Is the interview over?

That's a pity. I was so curious everytime what the next question would be.

Sometimes the questions gave me a lot to think about. Maybe I even discovered  something new about myself!!!

It was a lot of fun too and I thank you for the invitation  :icondasghul:  :bow:

To the audience I would like to say, enjoy your creativity…if you read this interview I thank you for your time and never give up the hope that you may be interviewed too by this anchorman. :)

:wave: & :hug:

:icondasghul:: Ladies and gentlemen, :clap::iconansdesign:!
And a lot of annoying, ghoulish questions! :hooray:

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