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Die Ghul Show with IGOR-DEMIDOV!

Journal Entry: Fri Dec 12, 2014, 3:58 PM
:icondasghul:: Welcome to my humble show, :iconigor-demidov:!
Do you enjoy being here? :)

:iconigor-demidov:: O yeah, It was real pleasure to have some chat with Ghouls in Fallout, so it is my great luck to find the real one to talk to!

:icondasghul:: Not to mention the bright future you will enjoy as a new piece of STUDIO FURNITURE, after we're done! :hooray:

But right, let's start first!

Introduce yourself a bit to our noble audience, please! :nod:

:iconigor-demidov:: I like the idea to be the part of the studio - I'll see all those famous people every day talking about themselves, and as a furniture I'll be able even touch them! But the sad thing is that I'll never be able to ask them for autograph :-(

Ok, now back to our talk and self-introduction. 

First of all I'm not PRO in photography. It is my hobby and way to express myself (some aspects of myself). Two or three times per month I often go to the streets to make some shots. And then under the cover of night darkness I make some post-processing. May be it has the influence on result.

Ah, almost forgot - name is Igor. Male. Tactical base for shooting -
Russia, but I regularly make sally out of the border.

:icondasghul:: You might just end up becoming the spooky hatrack of death, always trying to TOUCH PEOPLE! :hooray:

But anyway, here's just a little selection of your shots…               

Super Mario by Igor-Demidov   Inside the concrete worm by Igor-Demidov   Circles squares and holes by Igor-Demidov   Iron wheel by Igor-Demidov 

So if they are not "pro" at all… Just what are they then, and what IS "pro" then? :)

:iconigor-demidov:: No, I do not want to be spooky! I would prefer to make people pleasure by touches... preferably to women.
First of all about PRO and others. In my understanding PRO are those, who making something good and what they are doing is their Profession. So they are PROfessionals. When both conditions are fulfilled, the person is PRO.
Now about me. I do not make money by photography (only sometimes and only by occasion). And next question is about quality. As you can see on the pictures you have chosen we have some defects:
First (Mario or Gagarin) is the little cut from the full shot. It is blurry and looks bad after print.
Next (inside...
Balaklava) is blurry too (on full view) and nowadays I would surely did it better.
Squares and holes has little problems with colouring. I tried hard to make colours look natural and having good contrast at the same time but I failed. In the centre there is a violet square.
The last one is well done. For myself I do not see any technical problems with it. And it has some inner composition too. The main problem with it is idea. It is not fresh and I have seen many shots of wheels of trains before. Ok, I did one more shot.
So I do not feel myself as PRO. Sincerely.

:icondasghul:: How NON-pro do you have to be then, to criticize yourself in the way you did above?

Also, for which WOMAN on the Ghul Show would you have liked to act as a pleasure providing piece of furniture most? :)

:iconigor-demidov:: mm. Easy question!

Self-criticism is necessary but not sufficient for being PRO.

And I would like to see my old friend here at studio - she has disappeared from DA some time ago and now I'm missing her company. We used to play some kind of game, using notes - exchanging our windfalls in music one for another. I would be glad to be a furniture in your studio to listen to her once more. But... what would she do here, if she has nothing left to say?

Link to her profile: :iconnothing-left-to-say:

:icondasghul:: When/why do you think it became such a habit for people, to just LEAVE dA? :hmm:

:iconigor-demidov:: Is it right to call it "habit" if they do it once and for ever? I just can hope they are leaving because there are many new important and interesting things in their life, much better then virtual world and society of DA.
Or maybe they are just do not know about your super-puper studio and interviews in it? If they only could know... I think they'll prefer to wait for their lucky chance of taking part in Ghul talk-show!

:icondasghul:: On a larger scale, I think it is!

So, what would count as some "interesting" examples, of what you would actually HOPE for them, to be the reason? :)

:iconigor-demidov:: Is there no interesting things in our life that can eat all our time or disconnect from the internet? Some examples?
Some of them could go to an expedition in the wilderness where no internet or may be even in cosmos.
Or someone can became a president of something (of a jury, of a company, of country, of earth, of galactic...)
Or may be they are becoming famous and making exhibition in real life - not in internet?

:icondasghul:: Yes of course… They MAY be doing so…

But just as well, they MAY just have decided to become :iconfuckbookplz: persons, because they fell into the trap of thinking that this might actually make stuff EASIER for them, and just abandon everything else around, no matter if friend, potential furniture, or whatnot? :)

:iconigor-demidov:: I prefer to think about people as good persons, which would not exchange friends for social network. Anyway DA and FB are not the same. You'll get tired very soon after looking a billion selfie on FB.
And nothing stops people from having accounts on different networks at the same time.
So the resume is: FB is evil, but the motive of leaving lies somewhere else.

:icondasghul:: Well that's just what people do all the time really, but alright…

On with the interview! :salute:

The cry by Igor-Demidov   dissection by Igor-Demidov   Mutual Turbulence by Igor-Demidov   Ghost from dark window by Igor-Demidov  

Tell us more about your relationship with NON-people, please! :nod:

:iconigor-demidov:: Mmm let me begin as with simple ones. There are two animals in your examples. The relations are very easy: I would like to make more shots of them. But I would like to see them in the real nature. And I do not have opportunity to do that. And by the way I have little more close relations with this person: He lives with me and my family about 5 years already. 

Next about supernatural beings (as ghosts). Sometimes I see them or may be the traces of them in some things around me. I do not hunt them - all the shots of that kind are occasions.

And what did you meant by putting "dissection" in one line with animals and spirits? Or may be you think that beings that live there can not be called people?

:icondasghul:: I think that beings that live there, are quite certain to have some different perspective on "life..."

Not necessarily, a different perspective from yours and mine, but still a different perspective from what is commonly called "people!" :shh:

Am I wrong?

Also, what's your opinion on MICE? :)

:iconigor-demidov:: May be you are right, but then tell me how do you call habitants of that building for yourself? Just creatures? :-)

And about MICE.. That question stumped me. If you are talking about real mice then I have friendly relations with them - some of the even giving me five:…

If you asking about great mice (MICE) then I have nothing to do with Mickey-mouse or master Splinter or anyone else.

And if you are asking about "Meetings-Incentive-Conferences-Events" hmm then my opinion that I would probably use a chance to visit some interesting place freebie. But the program must have some free time for going out and taking some shots :-)

Sad to say, but I missed one MICE event in
Washington last spring. Now I regret about that. But there was no possibility that time.

:icondasghul:: Probably so, but hey, I am quite likely to call ANYONE just "creatures!" :salute:

About "Dissection", I just thought it to be more about abstract perception stuff, and less (= not at all) about the people in there.

My mistake, sorry.

And yes, I actually meant real mice! :hooray::thumbsup:

Why do you always make things so complicated? :hmm:

:iconigor-demidov:: That shot is more about dissection of life, realiti and e.t.c.

Did you ever see the cut of Gorgonzola with deep fungus spawn inside? Something like that :)

I just trying to see things and words in all their variety of meaning and senses. Anyway I have answered on , any variant of your question ;-)

:icondasghul:: Right, I guess...

So let's just have a NEW question! :hooray:

What are your personal thoughts on suddenly seeing (--> somewhere in the outside world, that is) that you are "post-revolutional?"

Post-Revolutional by Igor-Demidov

Also, what is meant to be "revolutional", here?

Also, what is meant here to be "post?" :confused:

:iconigor-demidov:: Hmm here may be the problem in our historical background. But anyway I'll try to explain.

1) The red flag was the absolute symbol of October revolution in
Soviet Union and still in Russia. And if you'll take a look on this, You'll probably see one more similar thing:…  This is the link to revolution.
2)   The revolution is the great emotional potential. People expect the new better life after they give away everything they have in the name of revolution. And the rest they give away in the period after revolution...

3) And now we see some abandoned buildings, broken windows - they are from the period when people still believed in the revolution and Ideology of communism. And we see something from new world - the row of new green garbage cans. And above them the old symbol of new world and hopes of billions people.  I think that is the post-revolutional feeling. Almost 100 years in vain. Strong feeling.

:icondasghul:: What's the connection between revolution and art?

:iconigor-demidov:: Are you still asking about my shot or this is a question in general.
The shot is just an illustration of some thoughts about post-revolutional existence and about legacy of revolution.

:icondasghul:: I am asking for YOUR personal thoughts on that, maybe taking your shot as a starting point! :thumbsup:

:iconigor-demidov:: Hmm...
I think revolution making the same thing with art as with anything else:
at first step it tries to destroy everything
Art-schools becoming useless,
paintings, books, painted music (of old world) burning on piles.
Artists and poets are not stable and so they are useless or even dangerous for the aim of revolution. They end their life in poverty or in immigration.
But at the other hand revolution (real bloody revolution) gives so many subjects for the artists, so many ideas and so many emotions that after all is done, revolution becoming a great theme in post-revolutional Art. And the new regime needs it's own poets and artists... So the new generation rises up on the corpses of previous.
Life is life. Revolution is life on it's extreme.

Heh - Found this:

Here we can see something that have no any relation to the revolution, it has revolutionary context anyway.

Looks like revolution in art is the archetype for many characters and themes.

:icondasghul:: In just what way do you think art and life are intertwined? :)

:iconigor-demidov:: I do not know how to answer this question and still do not utter banalities. May be next one?

:icondasghul:: Why is it a "banality?"

:iconigor-demidov:: It is not a banality by itself, but I have nothing to say about it except banality.
Something like "art is life-derived" and "art influences life" and so on..

:icondasghul:: Alright, I see...

So do you have some other NON-banal words left, for our humble audience? :)

:iconigor-demidov:: Long live DA and The Ghul Show!

:icondasghul:: dA…?

d fuckin' A actually acts a lot like a POLITE WOMAN, and does its best in trying to pretend to just not have seen any GHUL SHOW yet.

For example, by never EVER having it mentioned here yet: Pimps and Whoas - Nov. 26, 2014
Official dA News
:bulletpurple: Community Update: Activity Widget
:bulletpurple: Holiday Card Project 2014
:bulletpurple: Site Update: Activity Widget, Search Additions
:bulletpurple: Site Update: Bug Fixes, Profile Page
:bulletorange: Abstract Art
:bulletorange: Animal Magic

But screw dA! (<-- Personally, I still do think their NEW ICON is REALLY GOOD! :salute:)
It's not about dA, it's about dA's users, ain't it?

So ladies and gentlemen, here's :clap::iconigor-demidov:!

Proud guest of GHUL SHOW no. 111! :bow:

Last 3 previous episodes:

Henrike Spohr:…

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Gawrila Ghul
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I was born a few years ago, then I became a ghoul and the greatest man in the universe.



On a more serious note now: Remember to check out , folks! :shh: Srsly! :shh:
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Fri Oct 10, 2014, 2:20 PM
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Tue Sep 16, 2014, 2:38 PM
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