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Die Ghul Show. Number 100.

Journal Entry: Sat Sep 13, 2014, 11:53 AM
:iconfireworks-plz: Good evening, PEOPLE! :iconfireworks-plz:

As you might already know, this is the glorious ONE! :evillaugh: HUNDRETH! :evillaugh: episode of my humble show!
So no guest at all this time, but instead, something entirely ghoulish! Zombie - Emote by MDKofDOOM

But, let's just start this one by getting everyone's undivided attention…

POINTS! :iconpointisloveplz:

YOU can WIN some! :iconpointisloveplz:

(--> And if your attention really got caught now, just by this, then you have also just won knowledge about the very reason why YOU will just never appear on this humble show! :kiss:)

All you have to do, is to answer this ghoulish question…

"There have been 100 shows so far. But how many different guests have been on yet?"

If you are the first one to answer this right, a surprise number of points plus the briefed right to call yourself Gawrila expert might be coming your way! :thumbsup:




But enough of this cheap pseudo-commercial whoredom now! :salute:

Let's rather take a moment to sit back and reflect just a small glimpse of all that previous awesomeness! :salute:

:iconmarinacoric:: Congrats! :D
It's definitely the gh(o)ulest show you can find on deviantART. Or anywhere, actually! :D Always fun to read. ;)

:iconproductno49:: The Ghul Show is like a TV show but without the social awkwardness of a dated 90s TV talk show. And you can be naked all in the comfort of your own home, everybody wins. :)

:iconr9a:: CONGRATULATIONS! :ahoy:

Being guest in the Die Ghul Show is an adventure no living or undead creature should miss, even though the consequences are impossible to foresee (but that's what makes an adventure adventurous, huh?). :P

Looking forward to the next 100 shows! :eager:

:iconartbycher:: Wow!! That is awesome!! What I would say about the GHUL SHOW, is not only has it offered exposure to artists but I've also connected with many I may have never seen.

Well done, my friend!! :iconbravoplz:

:iconlordcolinoneal:: I was in love with the fact that you purposed that the interview room was lined with the skin of my friend, and fellow interviewee, Cyril. The image is burned into my skull.

DasGhul by DasGhul: Cyril's skin is all warm and comfy! :iconiloveit-plz:

:iconmushroombrain:: I am glad that I was able to be on your show,
I really enjoyed answering those questions,
You Rock dear Ghul :) Happy 100 anniversary,

May you wander on like a living dead Ghul :)

Peace, Noise and Power Flower!!!

:iconpierre-lagarde:: Some words that defines Ghul Show (as they define their creator too, maybe) to me :

- Originality – Counterpoint – Fun - Serious whereas – Discovery – Friendship - Emphasis

and... - Green, deep green :D

Thank you for it,

:iconmanomatul:: Personally, I think the GHUL SHOW is fun in many ways because a lot of artists rarely speak about themselves or their art. You find ways to get people to chirp! Artists do a lot of their talking through their art and the fact that you have a sort of feature with them is such a fantastic concept.
Kudos to you, my friend! KEEP IT ROLLING!!!

:iconsidh-art:: DIE GHUL SHOW is the iron lung of an arm- and legless piece of meat called DEVIANTART these days. It's not able to cure its cancerous tumors, but it keeps it alive somehow.

:iconleothefox:: The Ghul Show asks the tough questions about the real issues. It drops down on you like a net on a pith-helmeted explorer and spears you in the face with hard-hitting issues like pigshit and those damn kids and their Facebook. The Ghul Show should be used as a DA entrance exam to weed out the squares :nod:Llama Emoji-77 (Bouncy [Brown]) [V4] by Jerikuto

:iconnenmayk:: DasGhul, TRUE lover of the arts, proud to virtually know him. Happy 100!!!! wish 1000 zdz to come, friend

:iconinfernalord:: In these selfish times, it feels great to see that there are still people who take their time to contemplate each other's work. It is this kind of thought that we should preserve and seek everyday... congratulations!

:iconragnar949:: god bless his pointy little head

:iconschofield-alan:: Die Ghul Show waited outside my house for several days. I'd see him on the sidewalk, unhinging his jaw to eat my garbage right from the curb. I'd feel his propane breath steam in my ear while I slept and awake to find myself alone in my room with the window open. Then, when I finally left my house, Die Ghul Show threw me inside his white, unmarked van, drove me to deviantart and interviewed me until my heart expanded so big my ribs peeled open. We've been in love ever since.

:iconaegiandyad:: here are some quotable quotes to use in the pre-show publicity
"The dA world, and the art world in general, really needs a fearless interrogator/critic to test the mettle of new and relatively unknown artists and show the wider community something essential of who they are and what they think and do. This is what the GHUL SHOW is for. This what it' all about. Help this critically important cultural series celebrate a sort of centenary by checking out the 100th edition of The GHUL SHOW,commenting, favouring and generally taking an interest." [Mr a*]
"See who's doing what and why on deviantART in the fabulously celebratory 100th edition of the GHUL SHOW. If you don't go, you won't know!"
"Das GHUL SPEIL, now 100 ways better!"
"I survived the GHUL SHOW massacre!"
"That's not a genuine 'GHUL SHOW massacre' T-shirt. It's Got 'TEXAS CHAINSAW' crossed out and 'GHUL SHOW' written over it in lipstick!"
"Ghul can't spell" [graffito put up by A Ghoul]
"This highly ignorable feature will simply be exploiting largely unwitting and almost wholly untalented amateurs for the amusement and further self promotion of its editor, the soi-disant artist and provocateur DasGhul. It will, in consequence, scarcely be worth the price of admission even if it's free." [Brian Sewerl, writing in the Evening Standard which would scarcely be worth reading if it weren't free!]
"DasGhul does it again, as thousands flock to his 100th GHUL SHOW feature and fave nearly every thing in sight!" [forthcoming anouncement in dA Notes to members. [I wish!]

:iconmetal-bender:: Being part of the Ghul Show was an awesome, unique and unexpected experience!

:iconmorbido13:: The Ghul Show is like an umbrella in the desert of conformity

:iconjacac:: GHUL SHOW is an amazing idea, because we have a great suspense to see what would be and when the questions are, sometimes they are logical other times they are totally out of contest. That is surprising and make we think about the answers, that sometimes doesn't have nothing to do with photography

I really enjoy it

Best regards and thank you once more, José

:icontriztaess:: I wish you an awesome ghulish birthday then thinking you should go on with this interview concept! And ... yeah, that's it, meow.

:iconjuliettenoisette:: The protagonist of the story I'm currently writing happens to be a Ghulcat (an icelandic cryptid) named Frankie (short for 'Frankenstein') and I love him with all his tusks and drool. So since my soul is so connected to the ghoulish, I feel very touched and am proud that I was a part of this show!

Happy 100th anniversary! Let them eat corpse! :cake:

:iconabuttonpress2nothing:: Mr. Ghul, i would first like to thank you for being such a great supporter of talent. I would be lying if i were to say that my eagerness for creation would be just as intense, if no one were to notice... While the act of making art is very cathartic and truly facilitates the need for one to make sense of consciousness... if done in a void, our soul aches for reaction. Without another to say "ah yes, that is there, and i see it too." We can never validate our experience, and if isolated long enough, it brings about some kind of madness due to loneliness. For many of us, our creations are the sole reminders that we are worthy of living. Everyone is in search of purpose and the artist's journey is a fragile one.... Thank you again for being that embracing oasis on our travels DasGhul!

:iconmarcgosselin:: You are extremely engaging my friend.

:iconcrazyruthie:: i like the ghul show, i just wish i'd realized it was a serious interview when it was my turn. i said a lot of boring jokey stuff. i wish i had another chance.

Shiny Desu DasGhul by DasGhul: Be careful what you wish for, for it might come true! :shh:

:icongothicnarcissus:: I read the episodes with great interest, it's nice to have further insight into the world of fellow artists. A great deal of the success is due to you, though: you ask insightful questions!

:iconprettyflour:: 100 episodes? Wow! That is an incredible accomplishment! You should be proud! What else do I have to say about the Ghul show? I am incredibly honored to have been featured. I am also very lucky to have been exposed to the artists featured on this show. The sheer variety of art you've shared has been mind blowing and eye opening. Thank you Ghul. It has- and will be- a pleasure to see what you have to share.

:iconbark:: Congratulations on your 100th, my friend! That's quite amazing. Now please turn off your icon, it's giving me a seizure.

:iconoffermoord:: Congratulations GHUL SHOW, with your 100th GHUL SHOW!

And praise the GHUL SHOW for giving insight in the brains of some fellow artists I care for! Thank you GHUL SHOW and bless you GHUL SHOW!

And always remember, the SHOW must go on!

Keep it GHULISH, Cheers, VULTURE :iconflowerheartplz:

:iconodditiesbyernie:: Congratulations on your 100th... Keep the faith... Fight the good fight... Give em the whole 9 yards... Damn the Torpedoes, keep storming the castle, Go straight at em! and always let your monkeys fly... fly monkeys, Fly!

:icongrahamsym:: A little limerick...

On the Ghul Show one day,

I was invited to stay

and answer some of his questions,

So, I thought I would go

on to his show

because I have dubious intentions... :iconevilgrin2plz:

:iconcloistering:: Congratulations for bringing 100 Artists closer to their public!

Kudos for stimulating Presence, building community!

:blowkiss:, Jutta

:iconparacletus42:: The world runs on enthusiasm. Times like these make you really appreciate the effort of those determined enough to look for and drag us - humble and sometimes evasive artists - out of our dark and neat little caves for a chat, and actually help us with transmitting the impulse, making a contact, which in a way is the main reason to do what we're doing. It may be just a little favor to each one of us participants of the show individually, but is in fact a solid body of work when taken a look at as a whole.

So, here's to another 100. Keep on keeping on, or whatever that thing is you ghouls do for a living. :#1:

:iconchristinekalliri:: Art, is the Journey...
From the infinitesimal atom, to the incomprehensibly enormous universe.
From the luminous expanding core, to the unparalleled dark infinity.
...From the Soul, to the Soul.
~Christine K.

:icondahub:: I am impressed with your ongoing commitment to the show, but I must decline your offer. Thank you

I am You by DasGhul: Hey, no problem! :salute: We don't care! :salute:

:iconbiskit-plz::Thank you uncle Ghoulie…

:iconcookiecat-plz::…for having us on your show where are those noms you promised:?:?

Well, what can I say…

It deeply humbles my ghoulish heart receiving that amount of friendship etc., from so many souls! :iconiloveit-plz:

But wait! :eager:

I am just equally happy being able to prove to you, how this is actually working out on both ends! :eager:

DasGhul...the greatest man in the universe!!!!:icondasghul:   :icondasghul:   :icondasghul:

:iconevilgrin2plz:    :iconevilgrin2plz:    :iconevilgrin2plz:
  Do NOT by DasGhul 
  Closer by DasGhul   Closer by DasGhul   Closer by DasGhul 
The Square of Self-Destruction by DasGhul  

So thank you, :iconbarnum60:, for this unexpected gift! :thumbsup:

(--> Not so much, for dying just AGAIN... :no:)

Also, thank you you-know-who-you-are, for you-know-what! :thumbsup:
IT would already be appearing here too, if only its final and extremely very deepened version would be available yet!

But, no worries at all!
Because this way, I can at least ensure that this will be the very first time ever, that everyone will have the pleasure of receiving this journal message in their inbox, TWICE! :thumbsup:

So thank you all for your existence blahblah :blahblah::salute:, and just to also have included some ghoulish punchline here, I also got a little surprise for you about future GHUL SHOWS…

They will still remain entirely dA-based of course, but from now on, just from time to time, I will also delight you with some great surprise guests courtesy of the OUTSIDE WORLD! :thumbsup:

So, stay tuned everyone!

For the ghoulish party has only just begun! :evillaugh:

Last 3 previous episodes:




Journal History


Gawrila Ghul
Artist | Varied
I was born a few years ago, then I became a ghoul and the greatest man in the universe.



If I was mean and/or capitalist, I would probably say now: "That's because you two are DEGENERATE LOONIES!" :evillaugh:
Tue Sep 16, 2014, 2:46 PM
omg! you have a lot of page views! even between merpa and ruthie i only have 75% of what you do. hehe
Tue Sep 16, 2014, 2:38 PM
Always will be! :salute:
Tue Aug 26, 2014, 2:11 PM
Thu Aug 21, 2014, 1:06 PM
GHOULCAT wip! :nod::thumbsup:
Fri Aug 15, 2014, 5:50 PM
WIP coming soooooon! :eager:
Wed Aug 6, 2014, 5:19 PM
Thank you buddy!;D
Thu Jul 31, 2014, 10:34 AM
Fri Jul 18, 2014, 5:31 PM
Thu Jul 3, 2014, 9:38 AM
Thu Jul 3, 2014, 9:30 AM


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phoenixfeatherxlight Featured By Owner 5 hours ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Ooh.. I rarely met any ghouls lately.. 
freak lunatic hell demon laugh  So I am more than happy to see you!

Thank you very much for the Llama -
I sent you one of my ultimate killer-Llamas back in exchange ~ Warning: Don't Touch The Llama ~
Thefurther I am wanting to give you a compliment for your awesome gallery.
Congratulations Sir Ghoul - Keep up the great work!
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pardon the late thank you! but, thanks! hopefully i made up for doing that by the extremely generous donation. :iconevilgrinplz:

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Waldeck Featured By Owner 11 hours ago
Ich wusste schon vor langen Jahren, das ich ein schlechtes Gewissen mit meinen Worten erzeuge.
Mit anderen Worten, dass ich nicht gelesen werde.
Was mich aber nicht weiter kümmert, denn ansonsten wäre ich wie diese Dadaisten,
welche sich von der Masse absondern wollten, aber sich gegenseitig den Erfolg durch ebenjene Masse
DasGhul Featured By Owner 10 hours ago   General Artist

Das aus erster Hand erfahren zu haben, finde ich jedenfalls schonmal ghut! :thumbsup:

Und ja, manchmal empfinde auch ich deine Lyrik als, nunja, ein ganz klein wenig gemein.

Ich bin aber gewiss der letzte, der das für einen Grund hielte, sie gar nicht erst nicht zu lesen! :thumbsup:

Wie das alles mit Die Altendie Welt die sie hinterließen!
jedes verbesserte Werk
richtet sich leidvoll
moderne Rollstühle quietschen nicht
ihr Antrieb funktioniert
ihrer nicht
Jugend eilt neuen Wünschen nach
alles Alte wird neu
bloß ihr Neues ist alt
sie murmeln - doch niemand hört zu
Erfahrung bewahrt vor Konsum
die nie Zeit für Großeltern hatten
verstehen jetzt
das kapitalistische Gesetz
Krüppelhände greifen ins Fassungslose
Kasernenlider unterm Heiligenbild:
gestohlene Zukunft
immer am Start
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Please do nout use
anything of my work!
zusammenhängt, dessen Favorisierung meinerseits ja vermutlich den Ausschlag hierfür gab, weiss ich nicht und ist vermutlich auch nicht so wichtig...
Vielleicht macht mich das ja zu einem jener "Dadaisten", von denen es meiner Meinung nach, jedenfalls in ihrer reinsten Form, weitaus weniger gibt, als dein Kommentar suggeriert? :shifty:

So oder so finde ich es jedenfalls nur fair, an dieser Stelle darauf hinzuweisen, dass ich dich in der erweiterten Version u.a. auch deines zugegebenermaßen ungewollten Features, nun ganz offiziell als "grump" bezeichne. :salute:

Denn wenn man nur genau genug hinghuckt, worin besteht dann noch die "Masse?" :hmm:

Waldeck Featured By Owner 10 hours ago
Die Dadaisten schlugen sich gegenseitig die Köpfe ein
für etwas Ruhm. Ich habe die Lebensläufe der meisten studiert
und sowas gilt nur in einer Gesellschaft als Kunst, wo die Kunst
keine Zeit und Sponsoren mehr findet für unverstandene Genies,
wie in alten Zeiten.
Meiner Abneigung gegen Menschen verniedlicht deine Bezeichnung zwar,
aber lassen wir das.
Diese Bezeichnung wird mir nicht gerecht, denn dafür kennst du mich einfach
nur virtuell.
Das ich zu Leuten wie kRisa gerechterweise, wohlgemerkt, so und nicht anders
war, geht aus der simplen Dynamik von Aktion und Reaktion hervor.

Ich sehe die Unter-Schichten und wenn das was ich sehe, zu ekelhaft ist,
dann muss ich wohl oder über mich davon distanzieren.
DasGhul Featured By Owner 9 hours ago   General Artist
Wer kRisa ist, habe ich nun wahrlich keine Ahnung.
Vermutlich ist es weder die, an die ich gerade denken muss, noch :iconkrisa:, von deren aller Vorraussicht nach unbedeutenden Existenz ich bis gerade eben noch gar nix wusste.

Wie ekelhaft bzw. wie niedlich :iconifeelfluffyplz: der Rest ist, das werden wir dann ja sehen! :eager:
Nathaira-From-Hel Featured By Owner 17 hours ago  Hobbyist Writer
Thank you very much for the fave^^
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Thank again Ghul
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shakin' all over here in charm city and a big THANK YOU! floating over the atlantic all the way to that there ghul land!
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Thank you! *:heart:*
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