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And copyright means, you may not use my works without my written permission. Not even for inspiration, and especially not if you are a development studio.

But! Did you ever have the eyes? There's a created automatically under each deviation by dA!
dA can be such a cutie sometimes! :love:

And now with all that said, please have a nice day inside enjoying various art defining our era.
Just remember not to look at it. :)


Was ist euer Freund, der Ghul, hier wohl gerade am denken dranne? 

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Die Ghul Show with HENRIKE SPOHR!

Journal Entry: Wed Nov 19, 2014, 11:51 AM
:icondasghul:: Welcome to my humble show, Hennie!
Do you enjoy being here? :)

H.S.: I really enjoy beeing here, and i am looking forward to many very interesting questions.
Please don't ask, why i started writing. People always ask the same questions and eventually it became boring...

:icondasghul:: Alright, a clear outline! :hooray: I like that.

However, since you already told us that you’re a writer now, maybe you should tell our noble audience, in your own words, a bit more about WHAT you have written? :)

H.S.: I wrote a Psychothriller. The Story is about Tamara, an artist, who is working really hard for her first vernisage. A bad experience in her past is haunting her and she is sure, that now she is stalked from the same person. Her husband Paul isn't sure if Tamara is only exhausted, or if there is a real danger.

:icondasghul:: It's called
Heilbronn 37° btw…
So why did you choose to name it like this?

H.S.: I chose the title
Heilbronn 37°, because Heilbronn is my hometown and the setting of the story. The weather plays a big part in the story and works as a metapher, therefore 37°.

:icondasghul:: So that means all the places you are describing in there, are actually real?

If so, please give us one or two examples of what made them inspirations for you, please!

H.S.: Yes all places are real.
All weather changes are caused by heat and water and motion.
Thats what fascinats me, and reflects so clearly the emotion of my protagonists.
There is for example the powerstation, which stands for heat, and of course the river
Neckar, but also the outside swimmingpool "Neckarhalde".

:icondasghul:: Elaborate a bit more about the EMOTIONS OF YOUR PROTAGONISTS, please, and their relationship to WEATHER! :nod:

H.S.: I can not reveal too much, only so much that the reader exactly will see that the changes in the weather go hand in hand with the constitution of the protagonists. Just as the temperatures rise and then erupt into massive thunderstorms, the emotions of the protagonists cook up to discharge ultimately in any form. Which is, I can not say now, of course.

:icondasghul:: You know that's an interesting thing, because actually that's a point I did NOT recognize while reading, at all…

But now that I know it, I also think that it's still a major factor in explaining why the whole thing seems to be constructed so, well, HARMONIC…

Do you know what I mean?
If so, is this a common reaction from your readers?
H.S.: Yes, it is. I didn't expect otherwise. Some things like metaphors, I just inserted for me. I was quite clear that the reader would overread it, because he just wants to know how the story continues. Since there are a lot of other things to discover. But this would require the reader to read the book one more time and to embark on the second level. For those who want to try it: I have installed two small reminiscences of movies that I like very much. "Picnic at Hanging Rock" by Peter Weir… and also "Last Year at Marienbad" by Alain Resnais…
Until now, these passages were of course noticed by nobody, perhaps would be too much to ask ... Of course, I also play a lot with symbols, such as colors, etc. But this is much more obvious.

:icondasghul:: Don't worry, I will not continue asking you for examples! :thumbsup:

It is still recorded that the more details the author brings into it, regardless if the reader notices or not, the better things become, though! :thumbsup:

But tell us more about something else please...

Because you know, to tell you the WHOLE truth, when I saw the title of your story for the very first time, I was like, "uh great, another one of these so-called 'Lokalkrimis', which are just counting on the reader to joyfully recognize some places and because they do so, do NOT belong into the category 'unverlangt eingesandte manuskripte arbeiten gegen sich selbst', at all!"

But this obviously, proved quite wrong in your case!
Because a) yours is a different genre, b) you put the details in it without actually giving a fuck about them (in a positive sense), but c) you STILL got published! :hooray:
So, since this is your first book ever, just how did you do that? :)

H.S.: I do not quite know what you mean ... As I wrote the book, or how I did it, that it was released? I simply answer both questions! I have revised the manuscript several times, and that was it. Of course I also had beta readers who pointed me to some passages or logic errors. First i found my agent, Christina Vikoler. Literary agents work on a commission basis and therefore it is as hard to find an agent, as to find a publisher. My agent gave the manuscript to the Book Fair, it was requested by many of the major publishers, but all refused for various reasons. Then the Emons Verlag has made
​​an offer and we accepted it.

:icondasghul:: So, AGENTS make everyone feel better…?

How did you find your AGENT then? :)

H.S.: Yes, agents really make everyone happy. I dance around the house when I got the commitment. In the Internet there are lists of reputable agencies, and you can also see what genre they represent. Then you write a brochure, revise a text sample of about thirty pages, write a CV and send it all to the agency. Then you have to wait. If after about three months, no reply has come, this means that it has been rejected. It's a horrible waiting and you check out about hundred times a day the e-mail mailbox. My agent gets about 800 requests a year. Ultimately, she takes one to two authors under contract. So you can be really happy if you get a contract. Until I had an agent, I got about 20 rejections from other agencies.

:icondasghul:: So, how long do you think it will approximately take, until you will be published INTERNATIONALLY? :)

H.S.: Good question! ;-)
Probably when I am on the Spiegel bestseller list. When the time comes, I do not know.
What do YOU think?

:icondasghul:: Well, let's just say this interview is held in english for a reason! :thumbsup:

But anyway, how has officially being an author influenced your life so far?

H.S.: This has not greatly influenced my life. From time to time I have to sign books, give a lecture or an interview, but that's really all ;-)I also want that my book is in the foreground and not me as a person. However, my writing has changed a lot, because it puts me under much pressure that many readers liked the book so much ... I hope the next one is even better!

:icondasghul:: How do you like this interview so far, compared to others you did? :)

H.S.: Until now, the interview for me is very entertaining. Compared to others it goes more in depth. And I would be interested to interview you now. ;-)

:icondasghul:: I feel flattered, but we're actually not quite through yet!

If your book was turned into a MOVIE, who would you like to see most, acting as the main character(s)?

Also, just what kind of STUPID PEOPLE have you been interviewed by, so far? :)

H.S.: Oh, I'm sorry! And to your question: I do not know ... This question I just give back to you. Who could play Tamara? The previous interviews were naturally led by very nice people, but the questions were always the same. For example: Since when do you write?

:icondasghul:: You see, I am the interviewer here.
That means, I am the one who is ASKING THEM QUESTIONS. :salute:
So, who would YOU like best, to see acting as Tamara?

1.) in the german version, and 2.) in the
Hollywood remake? :)
H.S.: Even, if i would, i don't know any actors. I just can't remember faces and names.
Ahhh. The Detectiv! The guy from fargo, the one who talks. And Andreas, the other one!
And Tamara? Maybe a really pretty actor with brown hair, and Anna ...?

:icondasghul:: Steve Buscemi! :thumbsup: He's always a good choice, I think! :thumbsup:

Although just in case of your detective, I somehow doubt that he could quite, well, portrait the DESPAIR of that character probably...
But alright, we do NOT want to SPOIL anything here, do we! :thumbsup:
So, on to something completely different now! :thumbsup:

About the scene where Tamara stuffs Paul's penis into her mouth until choke point.
(--> Because this just happens to suit her feelings right there! :shh:) Is it autobiographical?
Also, how much of YOURSELF can actually be found in them characters of yours, generally? :)

H.S.:: It is not autobiogrphical. I never had sex, i don't drink koffee and i never painted a picture.
And i never ever witnessed a thunderstorm. ;-)

:icondasghul:: How is having "no sex", compared to having "sex?"
(--> Personally, I think it's great! :thumbsup:)
H.S.: I can't compare having no sex to having sex, because, you know, i never had sex ...But if i ever will have, I'll tell you! ;-)
(now i wish i hadn't said a word about "boring questions")

:icondasghul:: I can hardly wait for that. ;)

Well, originally I planned this interview to go all professional now, meaning way more intimate, way more filthy, and way aside the text... But well, I guess you just blocked that. :shrug:
So, instead... Do you have any last words left, for our noble audience?

H.S.: Read my book! ;-)
And thanks for the ghulish interview!

:icondasghul:: Ladies and gentlemen, :clap: Henrike Spohr!
As promised in the glorious 100TH GHUL SHOW, she has been my very first guest from the OUTSIDE WORLD! :hooray:

And here's just another link where you can support her:… :hooray:

Last 3 previous episodes:


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omg! you have a lot of page views! even between merpa and ruthie i only have 75% of what you do. hehe
Tue Sep 16, 2014, 2:38 PM
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