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Die Ghul Show with ENTENGRUETZE!

Journal Entry: Fri Feb 27, 2015, 7:55 AM
:icondasghul:: Welcome to my humble show, :iconentengruetze:!
Do you enjoy being here? :)

:iconentengruetze:: Of course, awesomeness should always have a platform and it's a pleasure for me to be a part of something, that is more awesome than me.

:icondasghul:: Oh "lord", I just LOVE sweet-talking! :iconagreeingbritainsplz:

So, on a scale from 1 to 10, in which 10, of course, would mean "ghoulishly", how awesome would you describe YOUR humble self to be, and why? :)

:iconentengruetze:: And I thought this could be a relaxing "sit together with some hot tea and sweet cookies". Honestly I'm not going forward to give you an answer. If the Ghul-Show is a ten and all the Junglecamps around the world would be an one, I'm something like a number three, but I could also be an eleven, in some cases.  :)

:icondasghul:: Why did you name yourself after BAD DOPE? :)

:iconentengruetze:: :nana: Come on. The correct translation of my 'artistname' ist "common water lentil". I know sounds boring, but it's true. I was 16 when I joined deviantart.

But, I never heard 'duckweed' as a synonym for bad dope. In
Berlin we don't need a word for bad dope. :mangapunksai:

:icondasghul:: Tell us more about
BERLIN, please! :icon030berlin::)
:iconentengruetze:: Oh! That's a good question. What do you want to hear? The story for tourists? The story for people who maybe want to travel to
Berlin? The story of people who live in Berlin? Or the story of the people who think about to settle here?
I can't really describe
Berlin. You can have so many angles to look upon it. Berlin is a big party-city. You nearly find every drug you've ever heard from and propably some, u didn't even know that they exist. Every band is playing in Berlin. It's Germans capitol city. Berlin has a lot to see. Berlin has a lot to offer. Berlin has a lot of really nice univercitys. A lot of jobs. A lot of Spätis. And Berlin is relativly cheap to live in. Okay, once you had the chance to find a flat with to rooms in a nice neighbourhood for the price of a flat with two rooms in a nice neighbourhood. Today you have to search for months to find a one roomed flat in a "stylish" neighbourhood for the price of a flat with three roomes in the centre. Or you have to survive the casting shit in diffrent living-societies. When I started studying at the Free Univercity of berlin, we were 350 students for a grade, that had space for at least 150 students. :D But I don't want to annoy with themes like gentrification or whatever. Hopefully my awesomness will bring me a lot of money for my flat in Berlin. ;)

:icondasghul:: The story for people from
Berlin, by people from Berlin, of course!
Why do you have to make everything so complicated? :slap:

Also, is there any chance to find drugs in
Berlin that you might never have heard of before, but still are famous for MAKING THE BRAIN BIGGER? :iconbrainplz::shifty:
Also, what are "Spätis?" :shifty:

Also, where do you live? :shifty:

Also, just how exactly is your awesomeness about to do that? :shifty:

:iconentengruetze:: It's not complicated, it's special! :D

First, no one may can understand, which relation I do have to
Berlin. It's hard to describe and may sound strange: But for me it's not the city as it's self, which makes it so intresting living here. The point is, that I have my crazy friends around me and we do have the same goals. Make revolution trough an aesthitically way. We will win, but don't as when.
Ok. I grew up in the former district "Weißensee", which is now one disctrict with Pankow and Prenzlauerberg, called simply Pankow after the biggest of those three disctricts. It's located in the north east, so it was a part of the former GDR. Maybe someone know the TV-series "Weißensee". It's about the life in the last 60's here. There is a lake and some green places and a lot of GDR buildings. Once, Weißensee was the biggest cinemaproduction-area of the world. Much more bigger then
Hollywood was at the same time. "Das Cabinet des Dr. Caligari", one of the most famous non-sound films in this time, was produced here.  At one place, the Antonplaza, were 7 cinemas in the late 1920's. After the war, just two of them survived. Today I'm proud that we haven't got any shoppingcenter within our disctrict. We have gladly no open operating Nazisquad here (If they come, hell would be opened here for them.).
When I should generally say something about
Berlin: I do enjoy the open atmosphere inside of the city. Nearly everyone would be open to speak at least some minutes to you. You always meet someone you know somehow. You always see at least one really weird, special thing when you are on your way with subway or tram. In summer we don't need to leave Berlin (most -"Newberliner" are leaving the city in summer/holydays/christmas), you take your bike and cycle to the next located big park. :D
Hm. I never heard of a drug like this. And I would be scared, if this drug exists. Just imagin your brain grows without your skull. O.o Somehow creepy what could happen then. :D I prefer to find the drug, which gives you the oportunity to use your brain more efficent. Oh wait! That's what they call "Ritalin".

You should try to explore our "Späti"-culture. Nothing is better then the possibility to buy a cold bear around
two o'clock at night for a less price then in a bar. Now just imagin, in some disctricts you can find nearly every 50 meters a latenightshop. :D I guess, we have more latenightshops then supermarkets in Berlin. :)

:icondasghul:: So, what impacts does living in
Berlin have on your art?
My Berlin by entengruetze   Skepsis by entengruetze   Colourless Inner Courtyard by entengruetze   Seiltaenzerin by entengruetze

:iconentengruetze:: Well.
Berlin has not more impact on my art, then on my life. And at least my life has the biggest impact on my art, followed by the coincidence. To explain which impacts Berlin has on my art, would mean to explain which impacts it has on my life. And that's not easy. :D The second picture is a good example for the coincidence; it was taken "accidentally" while i was on phone.
is a beautiful city. This fact also has a big impact on my art. It's inspirational.

:icondasghul:: You know I feel like all in all, I have already asked too often about the relationship between art and life, so I will NOT ask you, too...
Bad luck! :salute:
But "coincides" are always interesting! :nod::thumbsup:

So, what do you think makes a coincidence a coincidence?

Also, what is a coincidence most definitely NOT?

:iconentengruetze:: Your last question reminds me about my philosophy-lessons in school & univercity. :D "Tell me, what it's not!" Well, I guess there is a point, you wanted me to recognize and now it's up to me, to reach this. Well, the coincidence is defenitly nothing tangible, nothing handmade by any higher power. So there is no god behind it, no bigger plan, no deeper sense, no holy reason. :D

It happens, if your calculations do not work out and if something happens to you, you didn't have seen it coming to you befor. You know, that my body was born for example is no coincidence, it's just a result of my parents having sex, but that my soul went inside of this body, is a coincidence, that I'm not born in any other region of this planet is a coincidence, if you can follow me that far.

Situations are always the result of everything that happened befor. The coincidence is, when something doesn't fit in the way you calculated all those results to a new conclusion. Like the second picture: It wasn't calculated to take a picture of this young woman, but it happend. It was a coincidence, but not a classic one; i took pictures there, but not with my eye. Just random shots and then a lucky random hit! :)

Can you follow me?

:icondasghul:: Well I wasn't trying to aim at any kind of "higher power" with this, at all!

Rather, at something that's possibly still left to be proven a yet undiscovered natural law regarding, for example, the principles of cause and effect.

Can you follow me? :shifty:

If so: the question that comes to my mind here very first now, is this one:

Can you still remember, like, the essence of all things which have been (for example, mentally) defining you, while taking this particular photo?

:iconentengruetze:: I can still remember most things around most of my pictures. So, I remember the mood I was in, the questions I asked myself, the special situation which directly lead to the photography. If I mix all those things together, I could describe an "essence", which defined me there :) What do you think, dear Ghul?

:icondasghul:: Well…

I think you should probably share them with our noble audience, right now! :nod:

:iconentengruetze:: Oh no! That's nothing I can convey. That may sound like I lied befor. :D But I won't destroy any kind of imagination. If someone look up on a photography that I took, he should propably be able to get a closer look upon the "essence" of myself at this time. I guess some elements are constantly following me trough my life, some other went away.

Look, for example: In the year 2009 I took these pictures:

Skepsis by entengruetze a little piece of freedom by entengruetze Paradise by entengruetze

And now, just for the contrast: (Same year!) open up, my dear by FufuGoesHollywood

While 2012:

Amsterdam by entengruetze Beursstraat by entengruetze

And, for the contrast. :D LaTranquilidad by FrauRanunkel

And 2014:

No coffee but apples. by entengruetze Nebelmaschine. by entengruetze Last Sun Day II by entengruetze

I suggested this photography as a DD in 2014, but nobody answered me. :( Song of a Blackbird by Les-Diables

So. I hope that answered the question in a bohemian way. :D

:icondasghul:: What is your opinion on dA STAFFERS? :)

:iconentengruetze:: Well, normally I don't even know who is staff and who is not. The new deviant-symbols are confusing me since a year. Those I contacted were always kind and friendly.

:icondasghul:: Yeah, but do think that dA STAFFERS, no matter who they might currently be, do actually CARE about anything? :)

:iconentengruetze:: Yes of course! I hope so, at least! And until that moment, I didn't hear anything else about them. Do you think they don't care? :D

:icondasghul:::iconsnooty-plz::iconsaysplz:If/until I will have the next staffer guest on this humble show, I promise to think NOTHING AT ALL! :hooray:

So, because this is so, do YOU actually have any last words left for our humble audience, right now? :)

:iconentengruetze:: Ai! I would love to get this song be played after someone read this:… . :D

Thank you for the audience on your humble show, dear ghul! :)

Ladies and gentlemen, :clap::iconentengruetze:!
Elaborating on Berlin, photography, and "coincidences!" :hooray:

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