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And copyright means, you may not use my works without my written permission. Not even for inspiration, and especially not if you are a development studio.

But! Did you ever have the eyes? There's a created automatically under each deviation by dA!
dA can be such a cutie sometimes! :love:

And now with all that said, please have a nice day inside enjoying various art defining our era.
Just remember not to look at it. :)


I just don't feel you. 

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Nov 24, 2015
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Nov 24, 2015
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Nov 24, 2015
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Nov 23, 2015
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Nov 23, 2015
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Die Ghul Show with MISZA-PAWLOWSKI!

Journal Entry: Tue Nov 17, 2015, 10:09 AM
:icondasghul:: Welcome to my humble show, :iconmisza-pawlowski:!
Do you enjoy being here? :)

:iconmisza-pawlowski:: *He enters the office and laid on the couch*

YEah, but is little strange for me...I rarely answer questions :crazy:

:icondasghul:: How does SILENCE TEACH YOU HOW TO SING?

:iconmisza-pawlowski:: Apparently, speech is the key to people - if you live in the silence that you live alone.

Singing, then, is a way to adapt to silence. I  talk to much to myself :confused:

:icondasghul:: Hey, me too! :highfive:

So, why do you live in silence?

:iconmisza-pawlowski:: Yeah :highfive: !

Because it is easier for me, I can not understand my peers - I'd rather live in the interwar. I'm an analog guy in a digital world.

:icondasghul:: Why is it "interwar?"

"Interwar" I'm talking about the period of about 20 years between the first and second world war. This was the heyday of art and culture - especially in my homeland.
You know how beautiful city was
I miss at that town, people, art and culture - although I have no right to remember because I have not lived then.

The truth is that I live in one big cemetery, on the rubble of all that I loved. Strange feeling, perhaps for this reason I am lonely and alienated.

I think that in those years, man lived harder and more true than now.

I hope you understand what I mean.

I like to dress in jacket and wear a tie.

:icondasghul:: Are these from
Untitled by misza-pawlowski   Gasoline Dusk by misza-pawlowski   gasoline afternoon - hot quiet summer part II by misza-pawlowski   Relax by misza-pawlowski

Yess, "Gasoline Dusk" is my favorite and "Gasoline aftermoon - hot quite...par II" is my neighborhood. I like to change colors, pictures become more interesting.

:icondasghul:: "Interesting" in the sense of, reflecting the way things appear to you?

:iconmisza-pawlowski:: Exactly, colors have immense impact on people, sometimes I just pitch them on the picture – because they are perfectly suitable as they are, and sometimes I change them to shift the perception of a natural picture into something else. The colors of spoilt gasoline in a pond and its scent reminds me of something unreal, weird but in an inhumane way – fitting together – complete abstraction. All of us needs a bit of madness not to go insane – perhaps that's why graffiti appears on the buildings' walls – so that the greyness and normalcy of reality wouldn't kill us.

:icondasghul:: What is
:iconmisza-pawlowski:: Normality is routine and routine is greyness of everyday life.

:icondasghul:: So what exactly makes colours appear un-grey to you?

Also, in the ones above: why did you choose just THESE colours, to appear as un-grey? :)

:iconmisza-pawlowski:: I can not answer you this question. The colors speak to me. It is possible that the disease keratoconus affects how I look at the photograph but this is not supported by any research; )

:icondasghul:: Hey, no problem! :thumbsup:

Other question, then! :thumbsup:

What did/do the colours tell you? :)

:iconmisza-pawlowski:: Colors told me that you're a parrot
They say, but I can not understand them... besides that you're a parrot ;'D
I think the only person who watching my works will understand.

:icondasghul:: Funny! But if I am a parrot, then, since it cannot be you because I'm not your only watcher, whom am I parroting? :)

:iconmisza-pawlowski:: You right

maybe your inner thoughts or i dunno  :U

next question pls :)

:icondasghul:: The next question is WAR... :salute:

There's not even that much to see in there, yet still you dedicated an entire folder in your gallery to WAR...…

Blast by misza-pawlowski   Last Order by misza-pawlowski   Black Stars by misza-pawlowski

What about that? :shifty:

:iconmisza-pawlowski:: It's true. This topic became somewhat innocently - in school I performed in graphical contest called "What would happen if there was no tomorrow," decided to create a photomontage content about the event from September 11. Tomorrow never knows by misza-pawlowski

It was a long time ago .... I did not win because "the topic was too controversial," but I've got bills that I spent to buy some books from the fantasy genre

And so I started my "fascination" about the war

The theme of "war" I always wanted to present different perspectives - like a movie. A little too like "butterfly effect" - a sequence of events that has a beginning and a tragic end.

Besides .... Little boys always like to play in army or war;)

:icondasghul:: What is CONTROVERSY? :)

:iconmisza-pawlowski:: I think that sexuality is controversial. Do not ask me why.

Maybe my work was not controversial, but the "shocking" because it showed death.

For me, death is something fascinating - because in the end everyone he meets, we can not escape from it and raises a lot of emotions and thoughts. :)

:icondasghul:: Ok, so I won't ask you why...

But HOW do you think, is sexuality controversial? :)

:iconmisza-pawlowski:: because it raises full of emotion, I not like when people advertise sexuality and say it - it's tiring. Sometimes I think that humanity does not evolve :'D

:icondasghul:: I'm not sure what you mean here...

Can you give us some examples for that?


:icondasghul:: Meh.
Keep on talking about DEATH, then! :salute:
:iconmisza-pawlowski:: SURE ! Death is always a good theme. For what You want me to ask ?

:icondasghul:: What would be your preferred way to die? :)

:iconmisza-pawlowski:: I always wanted to fake my own death and start a new identity. And the more real:
I would like to live to a ripe old age and die during sleep. Mourners will be invited to the cinema where they watch a movie on an old eight-millimeter tape - a silent movie - in the background someone is playing the piano. The film will show my funeral.

:icondasghul:: What is IDENTITY? :)

:iconmisza-pawlowski:: I feel deja vu ...... Identity is for me consciousness and its compatibility with the mind (soul) and body - and therefore the identity of the ratio between spirit and soul and body.

:icondasghul:: So why do you want a new one?

:iconmisza-pawlowski:: It seems to me that it is easier to start over than to repair it for what it is

:icondasghul:: Agreed, but what is it that it is?

:iconmisza-pawlowski:: oh sorry (my language haha....) I mean "start over than to fix what it is now."

:icondasghul:: Agreed, but what is it that it is?

:iconmisza-pawlowski:: it is that what it is ?  :D :D

:icondasghul:: Agreed, but what is it that it is?

:iconmisza-pawlowski:: Spirit is what it is. I don't like fix it.

:icondasghul:: Meh.
More art! :salute:
Tomb by misza-pawlowski   Warm by misza-pawlowski   RHYTHM AND BLACK IV by misza-pawlowski   Untitled by misza-pawlowski

More words...? :paranoid:

:iconmisza-pawlowski:: I do not own style (but that's just my observation and it is through the prism of my persona is not good).

My main issue that I present is transcendental journey into the depths of yourself. The names of works are very general and are typically words - keys. "Tomb" is an example. "Rhythm and Black" and the rest of the work in the "consciousness" is my fascination with reality - shapes, colors and how it all affects feelings and emotions - I think that art is not only reflection but also beauty.

The last of the work is one of many of my photographs - nothing special :)

Rarely I am satisfied with my works.

:icondasghul:: Speaking of that, why don't you have any gallery sections displayed on your title page, at all?

Is it just for strategic reasons, or do really feel THAT ashamed? :omfg:

I do not like to impose another of my person
I did not think about it, do you think I should?

:icondasghul:: Alright, so "strategic reasons" it is! =D

Tell me: Why did you agree to this interview?

:iconmisza-pawlowski:: because you're cool parrot...em i mean ghul...yes - I think so

:icondasghul:: Does this mean I'm DIFFERENT from the, let's say, common :iconfuckbookplz: person you are actually trying to (not) reach, or that I am rather the same, but with different (ghoulisher) colours? :)

:iconmisza-pawlowski:: You are special and different than others and i like You.

:icondasghul:: I didn't yet figure out why exactly, but I like you too! :highfive:

I also think those would come great, as your LAST WORDS! :hooray::thumbsup:

But, anyway: Do you have any OTHER last words left, for our noble audience? :)

:iconmisza-pawlowski:: Thank you for your time ;)

:icondasghul:: Ladies and gentlemen, :clap::iconmisza-pawlowski:!

He likes me! :hooray:

I like him, too! :hooray:

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Ist auch nicht witzig, aber wtf! :salute:
Tue Nov 17, 2015, 12:42 PM
"Hunger? ESSEN BESTELLEN!" :hungry:
Tue Nov 17, 2015, 12:41 PM
Ätsch! :nana:
Sun Nov 15, 2015, 12:55 PM
Das IST aber eigentlich gar nicht lustig.
Sun Nov 15, 2015, 12:55 PM
Das fand ich lustig. :)
Fri Nov 13, 2015, 4:50 PM
Weil die zwar normalerweise auch was anderes als Gabeln haben, aber heute gerade nicht.
Fri Nov 13, 2015, 4:50 PM
Ich aß heute Suppe, mit einer Gabel.
Fri Nov 13, 2015, 4:49 PM
Happy Halloween!… :pumpkin:
Fri Oct 30, 2015, 10:17 AM
DasGhul:icondasghul:… :sing:
Mon Oct 5, 2015, 3:18 PM
Probiert's mal aus - ist sehr befreiend! :)
Sun Oct 4, 2015, 10:00 AM


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