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Die Ghul Show with SIDH-ART!

Journal Entry: Sun Jul 27, 2014, 10:14 AM

:icondasghul:: Welcome to my humble show, :iconsidh-art:!
Do you enjoy being here? :)
:iconsidh-art:: Thanks for havin' me! :zombie:

And yeah, up until now i'm enjoyin' it!

:icondasghul:: Tell us something about FAT and KNIVES, please! :nod:

:iconsidh-art:: Ha! :laughing: You mean my "Fat grows for knives"-Quote? Isn't it a word to live by? Beuys would have signed that statement immediately….

:icondasghul:: That might be, but we're not talking about BEUYS, we're talking about YOU! :thumbsup:

So what's YOUR idea of that? :)
:iconsidh-art:: You may put more depth into it, than it actually contains.
dA just wants me to put in some smart or funny signature under my username…. End of story.
But to make it more artistically mysterious: I had a dream once where I cut a handful of fat out of my own belly. Out of this fat I made a piece of soap to wash off my sins.

:icondasghul:: "Sins…?" :hmm:
:iconsidh-art:: "But as the Ghul persisted asking him, he stood up and he said to him: He / She among you who is without sin, is unknowingly dead already!"

:icondasghul:: Ok ok ok… =D So I bet with dreams like that, you hardly ever run low on inspirations? :)
:iconsidh-art:: I think runnin' out of inspiration is a symptom of a specific illness. Just like a headache when influenza is on it's way. If your "System" works out in a proper way, it's almost impossible to run out of inspiration.

Dreams are, of course, a infinite supply. But speakin' for myself, I use daydreams a lot more often than dreams at night. Like a Déjà-vu, for some msec. they're striking like a lightning. This way they feel more intense, I think.

:icondasghul:: Now of course, you should share some example of those with our noble audience, too! :nod:

:iconsidh-art:: For example, "Honigdiebe" Honigdiebe by Sidh-Art is based on a daydream.
One day I was driving downtown when I was passing the house of a beekeeper. He had two of those really old fashioned beehives on top of his front gate. I thought that they have such a nice mysterious flair somehow, that it would be a good idea of stealing them one night. I did not of course… :P

But at the same time this daydream hit me out of the blue where, instead of myself, a bunch of skeletons stealin' those beehives. Immediately a deeper meaning of this picture came to my mind.
But before you ask: I keep that metaphor for myself….. :)

:icondasghul:: That one actually is one of my personal favourites from you! :nod:
Here are some others…

Totenkoenig by Sidh-Art   A Blaze From Afar by Sidh-Art   LOST by Sidh-Art   Frisco by Sidh-Art
Are there also some stories, about these? :)

:iconsidh-art:: Totenkoenig by Sidh-Art and Frisco by Sidh-Art are cover-artworks for two books published by "Pandämonium-Verlag" in Germany ("Totenkönig" by Uwe Siebert… and "Keiner will mehr nach San Francisco" by Oliver Fehn… ).
Those concepts are based on client's ideas. It's always challenging (in a positive way) to work out other peoples concepts. I'm enjoying this kinda work a lot.

A Blaze From Afar by Sidh-Art is one of the very few pieces which grew step by step while painting (Usually I got the "finished" pictures in my mind from the beginning). It first was meant as a personal "Painting-Water-Tutorial"… But then it turned out to become a sign of a pending storm.  A pending tide, which will wash it all away.
I had LOST by Sidh-Art in my mind for a long time. It's concept is built on something like a overriding principle. A life script based on a "Self-Imposed-Solitude"-Idea. Still today I think that "Solitude" is one of the biggest human fears… for some people even bigger than the fear of death.

:icondasghul:: Well, most PEOPLE are idiots! :shh: But right, so, since I found that one a subject somehow reappearing in more than one of your works actually, what would be YOUR personal experience/description of "solitude", do you actually FEAR it, too, and what responses did you get from the BOOK COMMUNITY about it, if such a thing does really exist?
Also, if it exists, how did it originally happen you arrived at doing COVER ARTWORKS? :)

:iconsidh-art:: Oh no, for me it is an essential state of mind or condition! Some levels in life are only accessible through the experience of solitude. A condition where you have to leave all those blood sucking parasites behind, which are constantly stealing your energy and time. You can't reach a state of "self awareness" or "know thyself" with all those limiting factors. You have to drop out first…. And I'm not talking about this "Timothy Leary-Drop-Out-Shit"!
I don't think that a book community really exists today… The only responses I get are "gettin' more jobs". So I must do something the right way, I guess. ;)

All this illustrational work started years ago by doin' some random jobs here and there. Then I made a contact to Oliver Fehn. He introduced me to Uwe Siebert, who is the head of the publishing company "Pandämonium Verlag". With time I became more and more something like a constant Illustrator for this publishing house.
With the German version of Mark Twain's "The mysterious stranger", which I've illustrated, we showed that a "underground-publisher" is able to give the "big ones" a nut shot as well. Because during that time, one of the biggest German publishers (the same who also released Harry Potter in
Germany) released a "The mysterious stranger"-Version as well, which wasn't able to keep up with ours at the end. At that point I've recognized that the work of a "underground"-book illustrator pretty much fits to me.

:icondasghul:: In what way is "dropping out" related to "fitting in?" :)
:iconsidh-art:: You need intuition, skills and guts when you'll face Solitude while dropping out…. Solitude is a wild animal. If you're a good animal tamer, you gonna get paid off well. If not, you're goin' down. Solitude has to fit to you (and vice versa).

That's the relation between "dropping out" and "fitting in".

:icondasghul:: Elaborate on the reference to ANIMAL TAMING, please! :nod:

:iconsidh-art:: How clever somebody is at "taming" gives you a glimpse of his/her smartness.

:icondasghul:: How does a clever person deal with INNER DEMONS? :)

:iconsidh-art:: I don't think that you've to be smart or clever to deal with inner demons in a proper way.
You just have to accept and internalize that inner demons are based on your vanity. You've created and named them by yourself.

"My name is Legion, for we are many!"

:icondasghul:: But just IF you are smart, how would you probably do that BETTER then? :)

:iconsidh-art:: The most smart way would be to act like a dumbass… cause most demons originate from "thinking too much".

:icondasghul:: That's funny, because I wrote just the same thing somewhere in my "Gebilde" once...

So what do you think this being the smartest way, actually represents? :)
:iconsidh-art:: Something like "the smartest way" does not exist.... cause if it would be that way, we would immediately reach a state of "total equilibrium". A "total equilibrium" is the death of every dynamic system.

:icondasghul:: What state would YOU prefer for yourself? :)
:iconsidh-art:: That's a pretty tough one….

But I think that it would be "awareness". Even if it's one of the most dangerous mental states you can reach.
If I won't be able to reach that state someday, I would know that my life's forfeit. That it was not more than a bad dream....

:icondasghul:: Why is awareness meant to be DANGEROUS?
:iconsidh-art:: The dangerousness does arise from this "unlit room" we're talking about. Maybe it just contains the fact that everything was, is and will be worthless. Most esoterics would be pretty pissed off about that I guess….. So for those who are searching for their own meaning in life, the state of "Awareness" would not be healthy at all. ;)

:icondasghul:: Does life have a MEANING, at all?
:iconsidh-art:: In my opinion it has no meaning…. Only if we're talking about a "short term" meaning of life. In this case it could be split into a biological- and a humanized individual sort of meaning. Both forms are dying with your own last breath.

:icondasghul:: Did I already ask you just WHY you do ART? :)
November Sun by Sidh-Art   Returner by Sidh-Art   Siddhartha by Sidh-Art

:iconsidh-art:: I started it first with a therapeutically kinda meaning…. But now, after some successful steps forward, I just want to blacken the bones of the world, which keeps everything together. ;)

:icondasghul:: Which "bones", :iconsidh-art:…?

Also why should they be black, and what do they keep together? :hmm:
:iconsidh-art:: The world is a rotten corpse with shiny bones, kept together by collective illusions. But a nice corpse needs black bones.....
As above, so below

:icondasghul:: I see…
So what's YOUR role in this? :)

:iconsidh-art:: I don't take any role on this theatrical stage.... it's a waste of time and energy.

:icondasghul:: What makes not taking any role at all, a possible thing to do? :)

:iconsidh-art:: You have to die many times.... killing a bunch of parts which are associated to your own "personality"

:icondasghul:: Would that also be "therapeutic", then?
If so, why?
:iconsidh-art:: I think it goes far beyond a therapeutically meaning. But it may describe that act quite well…. Cause, based on the Greek translation, it's an act of "nursing care".

:icondasghul:: What's the difference between ACT and MEANING? :)
:iconsidh-art:: A Meaning still is a construct of an idea. Something that is amorphous and immaterial. An Act is the attempt to make a Meaning catchable. Pulling a thought into something substantial so to say.
But in fact both terms are not strictly correlated.

:icondasghul:: So that means you are what you do, not what you say?
Even if what you do, might fail to make your "meaning" catchable at all? :)

:iconsidh-art:: Exactly! Even a failed "act" is worth more than a hypocritical "meaning".  It's one of the main reasons why it's so difficult to interact on common scales nowadays. Call it "Society" or whatever….. The world nowadays is more based on meanings than on acts. If somebody's kinda insecure about the knowledge of the human nature, he/she should take the weighting of the balance between meaning and act as an analytical indicator.

:icondasghul:: So what's the relationship between acts, meaning, and WORDS? :)
:iconsidh-art:: The word itself stands in between, I would say. Kingdoms fall and rise by the word. It is a powerful tool of translation for both sides. For good and for bad manners. So the relation between the word and act/meaning is highly flexible.

:icondasghul:: Can people be MENTALLY IMPRISONED, just by WORDS?
:iconsidh-art:: Sure! Even both sides can be mentally imprisoned by the word. The one using the word and the one the word is used against. We're doing it several times each day…. Imprison ourselves and other by using the word.

That's why it is so important to teach yourself in an autodidactic way. Theoretically and practically. To possess the word means bein' able to attack and defend.

:icondasghul:: Are the borders of LANGUAGE the borders of THINKING?

:iconsidh-art:: No, that would be pretty sad. People (or even the whole world) would be a lot more boring than they are already. At the borders of language, another level of thinking begins. It's like eating a soup with a fork…. You may can pick out the solid pieces but at some point you just need a spoon to finish it up.

:icondasghul:: What about thinking in PICTURES?
:iconsidh-art:: The very first method of "thinking".

While growing up, most people unlearn this method more and more.... or it got replaced by other methods. That loss is the main reason why most people are so boring, trivial and non edged these days.

:icondasghul:: So do you also think, that thinking in LANGUAGE already is a TRANSLATION really?

Including everything a translation might bring with it, such as mistakes?
If so (and if not, too), just what did you do when THINKING that? :)

:iconsidh-art:: Yes, it is a translation. Including all mistakes or inaccuracy. It must be included because every translation is, at the end, an interpretation.
Ha! What I was doin' while thinking that? :) Trying to keep the value of mistakes and inaccuracy as low as possible. :)

:icondasghul:: Which is, for sure, always a noble aim! :nod::thumbsup:
So, apart from that…

Do you have any other last words left, for our noble audience? :)
:iconsidh-art:: I already said too many "last words" in my life... so let's leave it with: Chin up and take care everybody!

Thanks for listening :bow:

:icondasghul:: Ladies and gentlemen, :clap::iconsidh-art:

The part about THINKING is the best one! :shh:

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