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And copyright means, you may not use my works without my written permission. Not even for inspiration, and especially not if you are a development studio.

But! Did you ever have the eyes? There's a created automatically under each deviation by dA!
dA can be such a cutie sometimes! :love:

And now with all that said, please have a nice day inside enjoying various art defining our era.
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Die Ghul Show with ATEIST-KLERANTY!

Journal Entry: Wed Mar 25, 2015, 12:50 PM
:icondasghul:: Welcome to my humble show, :iconateist-kleranty:!
Do you enjoy being here? :)

:iconateist-kleranty:: Yes a lot. However, currently i have less time to be here :(.

:icondasghul:: Which is just why you wrote me that note, to tell me! :hooray::thumbsup:

Anyway, where do you prefer being INSTEAD, currently?

:iconateist-kleranty:: I prefer to be somewhere with my camera and take the shots :)

:icondasghul:: So how do you decide what's worth a SHOT?

i've seen two worlds the living and the dead by ateist-kleranty   you will always walk alone by ateist-kleranty   honey wait here i need to take solar bath :) by ateist-kleranty   i have found the last one on the mother earth by ateist-kleranty

Also, just how much of a professional are you? :)

:iconateist-kleranty:: all :). That's the good thing of the photography :).

I am an amateur still :). It's a hobby.


:icondasghul:: Uh-hum…

So for example, a computer expert is someone who can say "update your drivers" without any major spelling mistakes, and without reading it from a paper.

What do you think makes a PHOTOGRAPHY expert? :)

:iconateist-kleranty:: It's difficult for me to say. I have never been teached by expert. All what i know about the photography i took from internet and some other people. For me an expert is a person who has bigger experience than me. So, in fact everyone :). Who can show me, indicate what i am doing wrong with my shots to make them better (how to use lights, aperture, long exposure etc.). Who can tell me what i can do more with my camera, make the tricks which are quite unique. As i wrote it can be everybody in fact who can teach me something new. There will be always somebody who can teach you something new. That person is for me an expert.

:icondasghul:: Are you HUMBLE?… :)
:iconateist-kleranty:: I am somehow between, in the middle i would say. Depends also about contacts with people and how they are playing with me. In general i am in the middle. I am adopting myself to the situation i am. Normal way of human existency knowing that somehow attack is the best way of defend and in opposite.

:icondasghul:: Is photography DANGEROUS? :)

how dangereous photographer life can be by ateist-kleranty

:iconateist-kleranty:: Well, depends what would you like to photograph. I really did stuping and dangerous things to get some of my shots. However, i am always saying to my wife where i am going to be just in case. Plus i have my cellphone fully loaded with me. Never know what can happen. Even very calm situation can turn in a second into the dangerous one. Simply you need to take it into account and try to predict what can happen, find some safe place to take a shot into the some risky environment and best make the shots with assistance (crazy collegue who will follow you :)).

:icondasghul:: I just had to imagine a scene in which you say, "Farewell, beloved wife! I'm going to take a photo today!" :salute: And she replies, "Be careful out there, my hero! Don't let them eradicate you!" :salute:

Does this come close? :)

:iconateist-kleranty:: You can be surprised but indeed she is always saying like this. Sometimes I am just telling her I am going to make the photos and take my phone with me as well. It's better to sometimes keep the place hidden :). However, you need to think and be aware that this world is cruel. I have family so I need to take care about them. So, indeed it's pretty close :). Maybe she care about her by saying this :), who knows. Anyway you were close as much as possible :). Have you seen movie 127 Hours. I would rather avoid such situation :), that's why I am saying where I will be in general :).

:icondasghul:: What has been the best danger you ever encountered on your artistic journeys?

Also, what's the corresponding picture(s)?
:iconateist-kleranty:: Well,

Believe or not :). I was making some shots of abandon wooden house. I was going through the wooden floor, pretty bad condition. Suddenly some boards broke under my weight. I fell down for half meter. Fortunately, there was ground and nothing has happen with my legs. I decided to make another round to the first floor, however wooden stairs were horrible and I step out. Few minutes later, when I was in another room part of them felt down. Man, I really could die. That's truth. Well, we need to be careful as shit as possible to get some shots. That time I was alone. That's really dangerous in case of the abandon houses, residences, factories etc..

where my spoon is for good sake by ateist-kleranty

:icondasghul:: Why don't you have some more URBEX in your galleries? :hmm:

:iconateist-kleranty:: Well, that's good question, i need to submit more indeed :)

:icondasghul:: What is your opinion on HEAVY MANIPULATION? :)

we look the same, pretty the same, we're equal by ateist-kleranty   no one will split us by ateist-kleranty   the end is coming by ateist-kleranty   Cover me as him by ateist-kleranty

:iconateist-kleranty:: Well, hard to say. However, I think I am far away right now from the shots you are showing. I was in the HDR hole :). Currently, trying to make the more realistic :). You can see this graph as well. I think I am in the area of one exposure per motive, well maybe two :), OK, three. I am not thinking I am good enough or even good. Simply trying to improve my skills.…

However, sometimes if the shot is not satisfying me I am trying to make some heavy manipulation. Really like it :). I do not think that it is something wrong. You are coming with the ideas to manipulate. If this manipulation will find even one person of audience, means that it was not a waste of time :).

:icondasghul:: Which ones from your gallery have been your own personal favourite HEAVY MANIPULATIONS so far, and why? :)

:iconateist-kleranty:: I really like this one no one will split us by ateist-kleranty.

Because of the colours and contrast between them and the sky.

:icondasghul:: Are you actually betraying the PHOTOGRAPHER in you, when doing HEAVY MANIPULATIONS?

Also, why/why not? :)

:iconateist-kleranty:: No, i don't think so. I am not serious photographer. I am not betraying :). Simply looking for fun in what i am going. Sometime I still need to make some heavy manipulation. Simply like it. Depends on the day and the photos. If i see potential in the shot i simply taking it and manipulating. It's always fun.

:icondasghul:: So, just to return where we started, completing the cycle: Just if you were, hypothetically, a serious photograpgher (--> "expert"), would you be betraying yourself by this, THEN? :)

:iconateist-kleranty:: Well, i think i do not want to be an expert. I would rather avoid it ;). Hovewer, if i would be, no i would not betrayed by this. I like it and simply don't care about the rest opinion. I like what i am doing.

:icondasghul:: Do you have any last words left for our humble audience? :)

:iconateist-kleranty:: Yes, thank you very much for this session. Was realy interesting to reply to your questions. You did great job and asked really interesting one.

:icondasghul:: Ladies and gentlemen, :clap::iconateist-kleranty::!

He is no expert, but he always puts his life on the line out there! :hooray:

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