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And copyright means, you may not use my works without my written permission. Not even for inspiration, and especially not if you are a development studio.

But! Did you ever have the eyes? There's a created automatically under each deviation by dA!
dA can be such a cutie sometimes! :love:

And now with all that said, please have a nice day inside enjoying various art defining our era.
Just remember not to look at it. :)


What are your thoughts on dA's "exciting plans" to… "simplify everything?" 

10 deviants said I do fear the worst (--> admin ideas), but still hope for the best! :paranoid:
4 deviants said This will most definitely turn out to be the very DEATH of this site. :graveescape: by crakaemotes:no:
3 deviants said I think it's a good idea! :thumbsup: That way, in the future, even :iconfuckbookplz: persons might have a chance to "get" one or two things! :hooray::thumbsup:
1 deviant said Fuckin' do it, dA! :icondaplz::iconeagerpee: Whatever THAT might mean: You're the only site on the whole web, REALLY deserving this! :salute:



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Die Ghul Show with DIAMONEYES! (2nd appearance!)

Journal Entry: Sat May 16, 2015, 1:11 PM
:icondasghul:: Welcome BACK to my humble show, :icondiamoneyes:!
Do you enjoy RETURNING here? :)

:icondiamoneyes:: One would normally have to ask some actual answerable questions before one can tell whether one is enjoying being here or not, wouldn't one?



:icondasghul:: Well ONE would certainly do so, I guess…


:icondiamoneyes:: :iconlolgirlplz: No, One is the most overrated number :rofl:

:icondasghul:: Why so?

Also, what is YOUR most favourite number? :)

:icondiamoneyes:: 616...That's all I gotta say on that!



:icondasghul:: Well of course I don't know about 616 yet, but Ghul Show no. 1 actually was featuring… YOU! :hooray:

Die Ghul Show with DIAMONEYES!:icondasghul:: So, welcome to my humble show, :icondiamoneyes:!
Do you enjoy being here? :)
:icondiamoneyes:: Enjoy?....hmmm...I say FUCK YEAH enjoy being here! :iconfuckyeahplz:
:icondasghul:: Is this just because of ME, or is it because you are about to comment WIDELY on your person and art? :)
:icondiamoneyes:: A little bit of both, perhaps :iconicameplz:
:icondasghul:: Alright, so let's start talking about your PERSON – one of the things I noticed first about you actually, is how much you like smileys. What's the story?
:icondiamoneyes:::iconicameplz: I discovered the more I smile more, the SEXIER the world becomes.
:iconiepiccameplz: …. :rofl::laughing::lmao: In all honesty, the smiles are fake and I use them to try to bring a sense of calmness when I'm intense :steaming:
:icondasghul:: Tell us more about being INTENSE, please. :)
:icondiamoneyes:: Intensity comes when a group of people are bickering with each other and finding out that their argument has

What do you think FREUD :iconfreudplz: would say to that? :)

:icondiamoneyes:: :iconfreudplz::iconsaysplz:My analysis shows that DiamonEyes has a knack for sex of all kinds, with people and trees of all kinds :icontrollfaceplz:

And of course, I remember the first show. It was the first time someone interviewed me here, when usually I'm the one who does the interviewing. A very fun experience that was :nod:

:icondasghul:: This, maybe, is just the right time to mention that yes, YOU actually did "some" interviews too, and started doing so way before my humble self…

"A Modern Day Viking" Interviewing SteinHelllllooooooo!!! :iconbadassplz: Lots of craziness now that the end of the year is approaching (I never got used to writing the date 2011 :rofl:) and I'm lookin forward to the next year right now :woohoo: It seems that the holiday depression is hitting many these days as I've been noticing many people with unnaturally "bad tempers" lately :iconiwillkillyouplz: BUT I suppose I can understand now that "The Day Of Financial Ruin" better known as "Christmas" is among us :iconhurrhurrplz:
Last time we interviewed a stunning artist who had one HELL of an inspirational style and story to tell us all. YONI DANZIGER :iconDanzi5: definitely gave us a very entertaining and insightful interview that I absolutely luved doin. :toocool: For anyone who missed it you can find his interview right here:
Today, we have a VERY special interview with my best friend who's FINALLY decided to Break The Silence (only a bi
  "A surreal Eye" Interviewing EricHELLLLLLLLLOOOOOOO! Back again with another one of those Block Rockin Beats! :headbang: :iconbadassplz: It's that time for another feature interview! :D As you all know things have calmed down and ended on the "Panic Front" that I was goin through recently. Thank God! :iconrockonplz:
Last week I interviewed my very good pal and fellow photographer Vlado :iconvladinarium:, the man with a bold, and very trippy style of imagery! It was another fun one and I'm really happy to have been able to introduce so many people to this amazing artist :nod: If ya happened to miss it, you can find it right here:
Today we are goin to interview another INCREDIBLE artist that has such a surreal style, that ya might find yourself in rehab due to your addiction to his amazing gallery :pills: SO today we are interview the Sleepwalker himself, Eric :iconSleepwalker1803: :clap: So without further ado, let's get this on da
   "Essence" Interviewing HeatherHelloooooo! :iconbadassplz: As promised here's a new interview after an extended leave from doing these :D It's been way too long  and I'd like to get back into the groove of these :nod:
Last time, we interviewed the incredibly talented and amazing photographer, Jared Wingate:icondistortedvizion: You can find the full interview right here:
Today I'm going to be interview one of the most humble and equally playful artists, and fellow emoticon abuser I met here on DeviantART. HEATHER RUSSELL :iconessencestudios:

So lets get get this shit ROLLIN :iconfatguylaughplz:
:icondiamoneyes::  My sweet, please tell us a little bit about yourself, a small background.
:iconessencestudios::  Firstly, thank you dear for inviting me to be your guest here :iconki

However, this maybe is also the right time to officially say that this did not influence the becomings of GHUL SHOW at all, for I did not learn about it before the very first episode was actually done! :hooray:

Do you have some further REMARKS on that? :)

:icondiamoneyes:: PLENTY....but none I'm willing to talk about :iconsothereplz: But I have some new ideas floating around for 2015. Who knows, it may include you too :iconhurrhurrplz:

:icondasghul:: Well, I am certainly looking "forward" to that! :salute:

Do you have anything you'd like to say on this humble show right now, though?

For example, something about 2014?

How was your 2014? :yum:

:icondiamoneyes:: Best year of my life!! :iconorgasmingplz: There were a few downs like having the most annoying, narcissistic, and diva-cunt guest ever in my interview features. But the bitch finally got what he wanted so It was still the best year ever :icontrollwinkplz::icontrolldanceplz:

:icondasghul:: :iconsnooty-plz::iconsaysplz:I have no idea what you mean! The interview THEY don't want you to see! With ME!Hey there! :wave:
This is not meant as a new GHUL SHOW episode at all, but still somewhat important!
As some of you might remember, I have been giving a little interview myself lately.
I truly enjoyed being on the other side of the process once, but just for some vague paranoid reason I somehow am still remaining completely unable to locate exactly, I also think the interviewer, my most favourite archtroll :icondiamoneyes:, enjoyed it even more...
But this ends today! :salute:
What you have here, is the in terms of answers MASSIVELY UPDATED version of that, which I kept suggesting for quite some time now, and always ended up with a feeling comparable to that which you might get while talking to a "polite woman."
Anyway, this almost feels like an entirely new interview to me and late, but finally is also allowed to be featured in the 100TH GHUL SHOW, as originally planned! :hooray:
So even if you already know the original one, you might very well be interested in giving t

But talking about cunt bitches people photography, tell us something about your latest discoveries within that field, please! :nod::thumbsup:

Stein's Got His Hanes On by DiamonEyes   Another Stein Sexface by DiamonEyes   Rock The Block by DiamonEyes   Metal Maniac by DiamonEyes

:icondiamoneyes:: My Cunt Bitches have been VERY great to me lately, and they've even started to speak to me like a real person would :iconimcute-plz: Well, as many of my watcher know, Stein Zupancic :iconsteinzupancic:has made something of a "return" to my gallery after nearly a year away (I would post outtakes and alternates during his time off). He had a pretty serious health condition that left him in bad shape (and bad mood sometimes). But he made a huge comeback and is regaining his physique :strong:

"Jason Lester" is a new friend I made late last year. We've been working on a project for awhile and I decided to ask him if he could be in my gallery. He agreed, and there will be plenty more of him being posted soon. Along with a few old favorites too :nod: And most of those thumbnails you posted are also using my new camera!! :camera: So that's been fun and games lately too :iconiepiccameplz:

:icondasghul:: About :iconsteinzupancic:, let's just continue this where your first appearance (--> Die Ghul Show No. ONE! :hooray:) actually ended...

I am pretty sure I saw him before somewhere, and I am also pretty sure that it wasn't in any of YOUR galleries whatsoever, because it goes back to the times when I haven't even been a dA person yet!

So, just because personally I have no idea: what could I probably be thinking of right here? :paranoid:

Also, about Jason: I understand he also does some MUSIC.

So, do you also have a link to share or two about THAT, with our humble audience? :)

:icondiamoneyes:: Okay, now that really IS a mystery. I know that when I originally did my first shoot of him he was straight-up GOTH. My very first shoot I did with him was of him in that phase. I have no idea if he put out those shots anywhere else on the internet (like facebook or myspace, etc.), or maybe you saw him in an amateur porno floating around on the internet, but those COULD potentially be places (if I could even call them "places" to begin with).:iconhurrhurrplz:  I know that the first "shoot" that I posted on DeviantART of him (which was technically not even an official shoot, but rather poses for a drawing project my cousin was working on) people kept on putting "Khal Dorgo" in their comments, but personally didn't see much of a resemblance, but then again, I'm blind to these things generally :rofl: It was especially interesting because neither Stein or myself even watched the show or even knew about "Game Of Thrones. Stein just Had that look, I suppose! :iconlolgirlplz: Other than that, I'm not sure where, why, or how you've come to recognize him from the past. I guess we'll never know :iconhmmplz:

As for Jason Lester and the music connection.....yes. We make music together. And that's all I can say at this point. Perhaps in the near future we can talk about THAT ;)

:icondasghul:: No, no, no.

It most definitely was PRINTED, and I could swear it was something from them "viking" sessions you did…

Barbaric Sex Appeal by DiamonEyes   A Happy Viking by DiamonEyes   Viking FrankenStein by DiamonEyes 

Oh well, probably I'm just confusing something here. :shrug:

On with the interview! :hooray::thumbsup:

Generally, with Olivia Henry still being the only alibi, there is an obvious "lack" of females in your portrait section.

Is this because men are the better/more thankful objects?

If so, what makes them? :)

:icondiamoneyes:: :iconlolmemeplz: Well, I'd love to see whatever it was that you saw wherever you saw it if it IS being used for print :rofl:

Olivia Henry is may main woman. :iconkissingplz: She's a great friend one hell of a talent. And we have many new projects we've got in the works, most of which is not photo-related, unfortunately. As for my preference is subjects, I personally think that there are WAY too many female-oriented photos already on this site. Just look at the fuckin Daily Deviations and you'll see no shortage of female photos and photo-manipulations of gothic women playing the violin in an overly-dramatic location :iconviolinplz: I don't believe I have much too offer to DeviantART that'd stand out from anything else that's already here (in terms of female model photos). And I actually prefer shooting males because it's more challenging for me anyways :iconhurrhurrplz:

:icondasghul:: Are males underrepresented, as models?

:icondiamoneyes:: In terms of DeviantART I would say yes, but ironically, as of this particular question in the interview I was just notified that my latest image Stein Warming Up by DiamonEyes got a Daily Deviation today :iconlolpigplz: So I guess my previous statement isn't so valid now :iconhurrhurrplz:

:icondasghul:: Oh wow, congrats on that! :hooray:

Now you got three DDs, just like ME! :hooray:

Portrait Picture by DiamonEyes   Old Time New Timer Stein STOCK 01 by DiamonEyes   Stein Warming Up by DiamonEyes

How come?

Also, how do you deal with all them MANGA TEENS? :)

:icondiamoneyes:: Yeah! I was quite surprised about the third Daily Deviation. I really didn't think that image would get so much attention that it did. But I am very pleased with the outcome. And now we have to see if you end up with a fourth DD this year. :nod:

:icondasghul:: Tell us more about your TRADEMARK SHOTS, please! :nod:

A Universe In My Garage by DiamonEyes

Also, more about how you can take one foti with two people, and if this also, is meant as a TRADEMARK SHOT!

Also, more about if your DDs have actually also been TRADEMARK SHOTS of yours, or not!

Also, more about why/why not! :nod::thumbsup:

:icondiamoneyes:: Ahhhh, the trademark shots....:iconthinkplz: I believe that I shoot a very particular kind of "look" in that I'm obsessed with Cross-processing. It's one of the reasons I still prefer 35mm over any digital camera no matter what (though admittedly, it's getting to the point of transparency now). I believe that the rugged/gritty stuff is part of that long-time love of 35mm film :D I think that another trademark shot I do are the trippy light shots. Like the marbles and stuff. It's actually a longer and very unpredictable effect and no two ever come out the same. I do those as desktop wallpapers, and just for decoration :nod: We usually tend to shoot about 12-30 shots of those and then pick out maybe 3 or 4 that really come out well. As for the Daily Deviations, I think that DeviantARt ended up actually making those "trademark" shots :rofl: Of the three, two of them feature Handlebar Mustaches, and the most recent one feature the cross process look as well as Stein's "Angry Amanda" face :iconangrysteinplz: Although when it comes to him, there IS a specific face he makes in real life that truly hilarious and has NOT been featured in any shot of him here yet. I'll have to try and capture that sometime :lmao:

:icondasghul:: You mean... There's something he makes, that's even "better" than this...? Another Stein Sexface by DiamonEyes:omg:

I cannot wait till one is posted! :iconeagerpee:

But anyway, since you do seem to do have RL ties with all of your models actually: Just how do you choose them?

:icondiamoneyes:: Oh yeah, "The Face" will make its debut very soon. And, good observation! ;) Yes, I do in fact have a very personal relationship with my models. For the most part we all meet "on set", whether it be a movie set, a documentary, or what starts out as just a photoshoot suddenly just starts off a great friendship :iconimbeautifulplz: The camera tends to be the "connection" or at least "the initiator" with the models and I. Plus, I try to just capture the moment rather than pose them novelly-dramatic poses. Makes for a more unpredictable shoot, and I love that :icongirlheartplz: I found that once you put the subject in a full-on photo studio with all this huge equipment, bounce boards, and strobes, the subject tends to look more "wooden" in the final result. So i work with minimal equipment, and on-location rather than using a huge set up. It's also been one of the things that my subjects like about working with me. I've been told that it feels more like "friends just hanging out" rather than "work". That always makes me happy :iconbirdisthewordplz:

:icondasghul:: I think these truly are some great "last words!" :hooray::thumbsup:

But, just in case I might be wrong...

What would YOUR last words for our humble audience actually be? :)

:icondiamoneyes:: *suddenly starts acting just like a POLITE WOMAN here, so he can say he acted just like a POLITE WOMAN. For example, next time he meets a POLITE WOMAN!*

DasGhul by DasGhul: What a LOSER! :iconletter-l-plz:middle finger smiley by felladatimber:stab:

:icondasghul:: Shut up, DasGhul by DasGhul! :slap:

Ladies and gentlemen, :clap::icondiamoneyes:!

Who once was appearing on the very first ever GHUL SHOW! :hooray:

This here is GHUL SHOW No. 129 now, and guess who is still there! :hooray:

Last 3 previous episodes:


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