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Die Ghul Show with JACAC!

Journal Entry: Sat Jul 19, 2014, 8:35 AM
:icondasghul:: Welcome to my humble show, :iconjacac:!
Do you enjoy being here? :)

:iconjacac:: My pleasure and yes i did for sure

:icondasghul:: What do you think might prove to be the most PLEASURABLE part of it? :)

:iconjacac:: The surprise of the questions =) and of the answers =)=)

:icondasghul:: Do you think you will SURVIVE this noble program? :)

:iconjacac:: I will try my best ...

:icondasghul:: Well, I'm looking forward to it! :thumbsup: So for a start, tell us a bit about what you do and why you chose dA as the place to do it, please! :)

:iconjacac:: Me too :giggle:

Well in fact i am an architect

But all my life i play with photography and i even work to a magazine of sports cars for six years when i am taking my degree in architecture

Today i am an old architect with an office and doing projects and photography became an hobby, where i always try to do new things and try my limits going out of my comfort zone "street"

Why DA, because one day i look at it and think that is a great place to learn with amazing photographers, so i start to submit photos and was great, people enjoy them and i made a lot of friends here

:icondasghul:: What made STREET your "comfort zone?"

Postcard from Casablanca 06 by JACAC   Postcard from Arles 17 by JACAC   Postcard from Dublin 15 by JACAC   Postcard from NY 32 by JACAC

Postcard from Copenhagen 9 by JACAC   Postcard from Istanbul 6 by JACAC   Postcard from Berlin 20 by JACAC   Postcard from Iceland 9 by JACAC

Also, what's your favourite place? :)

:iconjacac:: Just because i like to walk around cities and watch all the feelings around me and try to catch them as i felt and also try to make a story of the photo.
No favourite one, all the big cities i know are great places to take photos

:icondasghul:: What brought you to all of these places, anyway? Are you just the travelling type, or has it something to do with being an architect? :)

:iconjacac:: Several things, vacations in first place, but i always try to learn something with the news in architecture on those places, work and that is great and photographic trips like Iceland, Istanbul and Marocco

Being an architect make me look to the cities with my architectural eyes =)

:icondasghul:: Do you happen to be PROUD of your architectural eyes? :)

:iconjacac:: For sure i am, they help me a lot to see, to compose, to feel

:icondasghul:: What makes them different from, let's say, nature eyes? :)

:iconjacac:: I really don't know because i can't make a "decent" nature photo, maybe because my eyes are graphic :)

:icondasghul:: So what about THESE?

The dignity... by JACAC   Thinking... by JACAC   Enki Bilal 2 by JACAC   SOMETHING NEW 09 by JACAC

:iconjacac:: These are very diferent
First a street photo that i love to make, real people
Second is in fact nature, but not a landscape, i saw it as a graphic one
Third is was a challenge of a magazine to make a photographic interpretation of a comic book. I choose Enki Bilal and ended up mixing real models with the original books background. It was a fantastic job to make make
Fourth, when i was studing for architect i had a job in a motorcar magazine and i spent 5 years making the F1 championship and several photos of races, so when i have the oportunity i always go to make same photos of cars races

:icondasghul:: So, how do THESE relate to your architectural eyes? :)

:iconjacac:: No easy answer, but i think that the architectural eyes help me a lot on the composition of any type of photos, even if i don't notice that on the click, but after i can see that there are something there

:icondasghul:: What are your thoughts on GEOMETRY? :)

Lisbon 69 by JACAC   Lisbon 64 by JACAC   Postcard from Madrid 07 by JACAC   Other Things 07 by JACAC

:iconjacac:: Geometry is not an easy thing to do, i like more the simetrical, because its even more dificult to do, anyway i always try to have some geometry or simetry. Life is not one of them, so it is quite challenge to try to do it in photography

:icondasghul:: What's the relationship between ART and LIFE? :)

:iconjacac:: Art is part of life, we will be more unhappy without art, but is because of life that art exists, that make artists express the feelings in any kind of art

:icondasghul:: Do you think they rather love, or hate each other?

:iconjacac:: A mix love/hate as all passions :):)

:icondasghul:: So, would you describe yourself a very PASSIONATE person?

:iconjacac:: For sure i am, i try to do everything with passion and 100% endeavor it's much more pleasant

:icondasghul:: Would you like to share some personal experiences/behind the scenes stories about that, here? :)

:iconjacac:: I don't know if i have anything interesting to tell, i had some conversations with some people on the streets knowing about their stories, happy and sad ones, but i remenber a shooting once with a woman that want a book and when she came she want to make a lingerie session... to offer to the husband... =)=)

:icondasghul:: Did you accept? :)

:iconjacac:: Yes i did.

I am a professional =)

And she was very happy with the result, not know about the husband =)=)

:icondasghul:: Tell us more about how it feels, to be a PROFESSIONAL! :)

:iconjacac:: Well, i am a professional in everything i do or i try, so i am only a professional in photography because i work serious and try to do my best.
I work for a racing cars magazine a lot of years ago and was great i do lot's of formula 1 races, rally, moto gp and more events, now the architectural work doesn't allow me to have so many time to do photography but i accept professional works that i want to do
And i try to do my best because i am like that and because it's a great responsabilite to my client and a full respect with all my crew

:icondasghul:: Would you like to also give some cheers out to your CREW, here on this noble show? :nod:

:iconjacac:: For sure, my crew is a fantastic one, full of great professinals, my styling girl who prepare all the clothes and acessories, my make up girl that make the models even more beautiful, my hairdress girl that give me beautiful hair on the models, my light guy that show me always my perfect light and my assistent that is always present and make the fantastic making of. Bless them, because all the work is of all of us.
And a special thanks to all models that work with me and inspire my photos

:icondasghul:: At which point of being a PROFESSIONAL, does one actually start working together with a CREW? :)

:iconjacac:: When we start to be paid :):)

:icondasghul:: And when is that? You know, just as a little hint for our humble audience? :)

:iconjacac:: Well you start to be paid when someone look at your work and think is great and invite you to do a photographic session for a magazine or advertising, that is the thin line that you must cross to be a "professinal" =)

:icondasghul:: How did this happen to YOU? :)

:iconjacac:: I win a contest for a magazine. we must choose something to make a session on studio and the best theme will win a studio session and the publish on the magazine. I choose to make in photo the comics of Enki Bilal and i won. After that i was invited to do an editorial to another magazine and i cross the line :)

:icondasghul:: A bit more detailed, please…?

Like, what kind of magazine, how the whole choosing process works, and why/how invites are done…? :)

:iconjacac:: Let's see, and sorry for the late reply, i was in
Italy and after was Easter
It is a magazine of jewellery and watches, to be distributed to selected customers, hotels and luxury shops.

They know that i make photos and invite me by mail to a meeting to see if i have a idea for the next issue

I study the case and make a proposal that as been accepteded, so i start to make drawings of the way i want the photos and to select the pieces to includ on the model.

talk to my stying girl and make-up and hair and finaly i choose a date to make the photos

It was great and they invite me again , you can see here the result and the making of (cover and pages 28 to 33)

Now i am preparing the spring/summer editorial

:icondasghul:: What does LUXURY mean to you, personally? :)

:iconjacac:: Can be as simple as free time for myself
Luxury are the little things that we have achieved in life and why battled, dreams come true

:icondasghul:: So this seems quite unlike the definition actual LUXURY SHOPS might have of this…

Do you think they chose you, because they would rather like to hold YOUR perspective on THEIR stuff? :)

:iconjacac:: This is my personal point of view, i know very well what is luxury for the most of people and i can also do that, as a photographer and also as an architect and i already did it a lot of times =)

I also have some luxury items myself, but my personal definition is what i already told you =)=)

:icondasghul:: Well that wasn't an answer to my question really, but right…

How was
Postcard from Milan 01 by JACAC   Postcard from Bologna 01 by JACAC   Postcard from Modena 03 by JACAC   Postcard from Modena 02 by JACAC

:iconjacac:: Is not? :giggle:

is always great, with a lot to see.
It was a short visit, only 3 days, but was with a lot to do and see and i had the honor to meet in person two fantastic ladies of DA Mary :iconmyraincheck: and Marta :iconmartaraff: that fact worth the trip.

It was not my first time there, but this time i saw a lot of ghosts =)=)

:icondasghul:: I don't know about the first one at all, but I love what :iconmartaraff: does! :nod:

So since I remember she did not want her own GHUL SHOW at all, please tell us just a little bit about HER noble person here, too! :)

:iconjacac:: Mary is a fantastic person, with a fantastic job for DA, about street photography, you must go and visit her gallery
About Marta, she was my friend for a long time and she is a sweet and kind woman with a great sensilbility for "little" things that we mortals didn't saw in our day life, the perfect compositions, the poetic works are a work of art
Please visit her gallery and enjoy

:icondasghul:: Perfectly agreed! :nod:

So like, apart from those, do you have any other last words left, for our noble audience? :)

:iconjacac:: =)=)

First of all i must say that was a great pleasure to be here and answer all this questions, it was very interesting.

And to finish i must say that all of you here in DA are great artists on your type of work, so never stop to dream and give us your best, because everyday we are looking for new and amazing works... your works

And smile =)

Ladies and gentlemen, :clap::iconjacac:!
Always TRAVELLING! :hooray:

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