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July 7, 2012


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Die Ghul Show with INFERNALORD!

Journal Entry: Sat Jul 7, 2012, 3:17 PM
:icondasghul:: So, welcome to my humble show, :iconinfernalord:!
Do you enjoy being here? :)
:iconinfernalord:: Of course I do, I've been a member of DeviantART for about 7 years now and I'm glad I registered.

:icondasghul:: Well, of course you are! :thumbsup: But what do you think SPECIFICALLY about being a part of the GHOUL SHOW right now! :hooray:
:iconinfernalord:: Ah, I am thankful for being interviewed and featured, allowing me to share my work with more people, and also curious about you will ask me about. :yum:

:icondasghul:: Well for a start, I think we should go back to the roots and take a look at some of your classics…
Dividing Everything by Infernalord   Light From Above by Infernalord   Lebensgefahr - Eingang by Infernalord
Tell us something about them, please! :)
:iconinfernalord:: Well the first one, "Dividing Everything" is a conceptual shot that I did a long time ago, in an attempt of expressing how I was feeling divided at that time. The walk that I took that day to shoot that actually ended up helping me to reach a conclusion for the problem. Photography can be therapy you know? :)
The second one "Light From Above" is, in my opinion, a beautiful shot, depicting a natural scenario, almost magical looking moment where the light comes down from the sky, enters the water and embraces the inhabitants who seem to welcome the sunlight. I really like it, because it shows how beautiful mother Nature can be sometimes.
"Lebensgefahr - Eingang" is the result of some days of careful planning of a conceptual photoshoot that I had in mind for quite some time now. The intention was to portrait a mental patient who manages to escape the psychiatric hospital in which she was being held, and her journey to find a place to stay for the night. In this photoshoot you can see the different psychological stages that the model goes through: fear, anxiety, surprise, curiosity, depression, and also peacefulness. It was not easy to do, also I had a low budget, but with some creativity and hard work I managed to achieve the result I had in my mind.

:icondasghul:: This sounds like you are into photography in general very much… Yet still, most of your more RECENT shoots seem to be all about CONCERTS…
Watain - Erik IX by Infernalord   Dark Funeral - Lord Ahriman II by Infernalord   Moonspell - Fernando Ribeiro by Infernalord   Kiss - Gene Simmons I by Infernalord
What's the story? :)
:iconinfernalord:: Yes, I appreciate Photography in general... but I ended up discovering that I really love to do Concert Photography, maybe because I am also a musician, but that is what I really love to do, and I think that I am better at.
So I pretty much started shooting almost all the concerts that I could go and be authorized to photograph, started developing my own style and that's how I got a big portfolio of concerts. For me it's really fun to do, sometimes funny things happen and you get to photograph those moments. Plus I find it very rewarding when you are approached by a band asking for more pictures of their show, it means they liked my work, and that's comforting...

:icondasghul:: Personally I am a bit disappointed that your other projects are neglected because of this… But I surely can imagine! :hooray: So, it would be kinda stupid to ask here what kind of music you play… You play black metal. Everyone knows. But just MAYBE, just SOME of our noble viewers do not know the name "infernalord" at all… So – can you give us an example or two here of how exactly you sound like? :)
:iconinfernalord:: I must say it saddens me a bit as well, but in order to do conceptual portraits, for example, it takes time and inspiration. And time is something that I really have been lacking a lot lately... Mostly because I've been busy with musical projects.
That is correct, I play Black Metal, but not only. Mostly drums, but I also have one band in which I play bass.
I can give you the names if you want.

:icondasghul:: Well yes, do so! :nod: And if you like, you also have the great opportunity to post some LINKS here! :hooray:
:iconinfernalord:: Sure...
I used to play drums in Crystalline Darkness, a Suicidal Black Metal band, but not anymore:
I am also part of Imperivm:…
I also play in a Thrash/Death band called Destroyers Of All. I play drums in all these.
My other band is called Existence:Vøid, it's Avantgarde Black Metal, in which I play bass.

:icondasghul:: I guess this explains your busy schedule quite well… :omg:
But let's also talk a bit about your role in dA here – you already mentioned you've been here since seven years. So, what would you describe as, let's say, your own personal most favourite moments from these years? :)
:iconinfernalord:: Hehe indeed!
Maybe now you understand a bit better why I really don't have much time to spend on :iconurbanshots: :|
Well I guess my favorite moments here would be the times when I got Daily Deviations. It feels great to have your work appreciated and to receive feedback from so many people...
Also discovering so many different and great artists and creating :iconurbanshots:!

:icondasghul:: I think it is nice you mentioned :iconurbanshots: here! :hooray:
But before we talk about that, show us your daily deviations, please! :)
:iconinfernalord:: Of course I did, I love that group so much, and I am very proud of having the idea of founding it :giggle:
My first DD was also given to my most popular piece "Street Bubbles":
Street Bubbles by Infernalord
It is one of the pieces which I am most proud of, specially because it was shot with a cheap camera, many years ago and I managed to capture the exact moment. So I was really amazed by the result, at that time. It's been quite long time since I've submitted that picture, maybe I gotta take another look at it, now that I've learned more since those times.
It was shot in Lisbon a few years ago, during a walk in the city. The clown was kind enough to do a second bubble because when he did the first one, I kinda missed the shooting timing so he did it again and I got it right that time. :)
Ever since, it has been exposed in small exhibitions here and there.
My second DD was a portrait from a leprous man. Well, not really a true leprous, it was a staged scene in a medieval fair. He's the most famous character in there every year.
Misery by Infernalord
The acceptance was alright, but I expected that it would have more impact in the dA community, to be honest, because of the dramatic content present in the image.
My third and last (so far) was a concert shot, taken at a KISS show in 2010, where you can see Paul Stanley smashing one of his guitars in the middle of thousands of confetti at the Hellfest festival in Clisson, France.
Kiss - Paul Stanley V by Infernalord
To me it is a good example of what a concert photograph should be like. It has action, movement, intensity and create an impact on the viewer.
What many people don't know is that this shot was taken from the audience, not from the photo-pit. It was complicated to get this, because the security wouldn't let anyone take pictures, but I managed to stealth myself while shooting and got great shots, in my opinion. This other image proves it:
Kiss - Paul Stanley I by Infernalord
Some other nice shots from that concert, all taken from the audience, hiding:
Kiss - Gene Simmons II by Infernalord   Kiss - Tommy Thayer I by Infernalord   Kiss - Eric Singer I by Infernalord
So these are the 3 Daily Deviations that I have been privileged with. Would love to receive another one, of course. :)

:icondasghul:: I guess that sums it up really well! :hooray:
So, let's have a last question about your favourite group :iconurbanshots:
Of course as a co-founder, I do know that it's great, but: Why exactly "urban shots?"
I've been wondering about this MANY times, actually…
:iconinfernalord:: I've always been a fan of Street and Urban Photography. Even though I don't do a lot of it, mostly because of lack of free time, I still like it very much. At that time I felt like creating a group dedicated to such theme also because I couldn't find one that I could say that was good and demanding. Also I had free time at the period of my life, so I thought "Why not?" :giggle:
I had no idea it would become so big as it is right now, it became a big surprise to me, and it makes me proud. :)

:icondasghul:: I agree! This group is the number one address for this type of photography no doubt! :thumbsup:
So with that said, too… Do you have any last words for our beautiful audience? :)
:iconinfernalord:: Yes, I do! A very sincere THANK YOU VERY MUCH to all of you who have supported me over these years, that believe in me and my work and for supporting :iconurbanshots:!

:icondasghul:: And thank YOU for sacrificing some of your noble time coming here! :thumbsup:
Maybe we'll meet again some day! :wave:

Next time: :iconessencestudios:!
Do YOU want to be a part of the GHOUL SHOW?
Don't hesitate to apply!
But you just as well might get invited here. :)

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