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Die Ghul Show with JILLAUVILLE!

Journal Entry: Wed Dec 19, 2012, 3:41 PM
:icondasghul:: Welcome to my humble show, :iconjillauville:!
Do you enjoy being here? :)
:iconjillauville:: i'm not sure yet, i'm kind of scared of being here :fear:

Alright, I'm sorry… I just do not understand WHY! :sadangel:
Is it the chains? Is it the meathooks? What could the humble host possibly do to make your stay here a little bit more comfortable? :zombie:
:iconjillauville:: well, to be quite honest, the meat hooks do freak me out a little.... i'm just not into it, know what i mean? i'm not judging you by any means, each to his own... it's just not for me =D

:icondasghul:: Well OF COURSE they're not for YOU! :pat:
They're for the ones coming AFTER YOU! :thumbsup:
And as it is, we're not talking about THEM right now, we're talking about YOU! :thumbsup: So, please tell us a bit more about YOU! :thumbsup:
and be sure to include your relationship with INSTANT FILM! :threaten::thumbsup:
:iconjillauville:: the people coming after me should be quivering in their boots :lmao:
about me?
not much to say really... my first camera was an Afga Afgamatic 100 way back in the 70's, have played on and off with photography since then but i wasn't dedicated to it until about 8 years ago... when i got into... digital :jawdrop:
digital however led me right back into film, by way of instant photography (but also small and medium format photography).
so what is it about instant?
instant to me is the perfect hybrid between old school photography (meaning film) and new school photography (meaning digital).
you're shooting in an analog, organic film format. but you get the result instantly, like you do with digital.
it is if you ask me, the best of two worlds.
it is unfortunately also the most expensive way of shooting: one single shot will cost you almost $4.00, so unless you have an endless source of money, you have to be very very frugal with your film and only take a shot if you're absolutely sure about it.
what else do you wanna know?
i have around 100 non-digital cameras, 3 dogs, 2 cats, 1 husband, 1 parrot, 5 mice and a hamster.
i was born and raised in Sweden.
i'm old.
oh and here's a shocker:
my next camera purchase is going to be
<drum roll>
why a damn digital, you say?
well, i used to have one (a Nikon D80) but it died a horrible death some time ago, and i have since then felt a bit empty when it comes to my photography. like something has been missing. it's nice to have a DSLR as a back up when you don't feel like shooting film and having to wait for the result (finishing a roll, having it developed, getting the damned negatives scanned), or when you have no funding to shoot instant (like i said, it is very, very expensive).
so that is my plan... purchasing a DSLR.
oh and i make no money on my photography whatsoever.
some people think i hella sell prints and books but nuh-uh :(
got any more questions?

:icondasghul:: Yeah, :iconjillauville:.
And you know what, I shall also ASK you them MORE QUESTIONS! :thumbsup::evillaugh:
But for now, let's just stick to that hybrid thing for a moment… So you say that instant is the most perfect hybrid between them two worlds, but if this is so, why is instant just the one that LOOKS – "objectively", that is, personally I am surely not trying to cheapen you here whatsoever! – the most SHITTIEST of them all? :)
:iconjillauville:: oooh, good question :nod:
it is all of course a matter of taste; some like "clean" looking photography, others prefer more grungy and gritty looking images.
i of course prefer the latter.
clean photography bores me, i find no joy in looking at it or indeed even trying to attempt it. which is probably why i tend to slap dirty looking textures to anything i produce that is digital.
no offense whatsoever to anyone pursuing such photography, it is -much like your meat hooks mentioned earlier- just not for me :giggle:

:icondasghul:: So why don't we just take a look at what IS something for you! :thumbsup:
Thorn King by JillAuville   Turny Burny The Two-Faced Uglydoll by JillAuville   Faux Moon by JillAuville   Moons by JillAuville
Elaborate on their specific beauty, please! :)
:iconjillauville:: ok, the second one... i hate that one, why is that still on here, i thought i deleted that :confused:
out of the others i like the first one best, probably because it is a portrait of a milk thistle, which is my favorite flower (and yes, it IS a flower). and i like the whole textural feel of it (which i created by peeling the image apart and rinsing it under water).
let's skip the second one shall we... the third one is new, i like how the film chemicals gathered into a little moon in the corner there. i of course had nothing to do with this, that's what happens when you shoot integral film, and even more so if it's expired (this particular film expired 5 years ago).
the last one is sort of similar to the third one, isn't it? again, integral expired film =D

:icondasghul:: So, how long would you actually advise a young and unexperienced film to expire, before it really has a chance to become that much of a beauty? :)
:iconjillauville:: it's hit and miss with expired film. you just have to cross your fingers and hope for the best :fingerscrossed:
sometimes 45 year old film will show up, obviously not looking perfect, but come on... it's 45 years old!
like this, film manufactured in 1964, shot in 2010:
Factory Rain by JillAuville
it's pretty cool, right?
but so is this, even though it's only shot 9 years after it expired.
Cadaver by JillAuville
there are no rules when dealing with experimental film, whether it's expired 35mm, 120 or integral film, or if it's brand new film from The Impossible Project.
if you want something brand new, that's shiny and glossy, and pretty much shows the picture as you saw it and you insist on it being instant film?
go grab a Fuji Instax camera and shoot some of their film. straight up photography, there you go =D
nothing wrong with that at all, i have one myself, and use it occasionally.
i just prefer the more imperfect format so much better, because the surprises it brings are much, much greater :aww:

:icondasghul:: What has been the GREATEST SURPRISE it ever brought you? :)
:iconjillauville:: film in general, or expired film..? i don't understand the question :crying:

:icondasghul:: Both, if you don't mind! :)
:iconjillauville:: the greatest surprise in expired film was probably getting that box camera one xmas, finding it loaded with film, shooting the roll and discovering it was a roll of film from a company that stopped producing that particular film in 1964. the film negatives had scratches and chemical burns on them, but i still managed to see 10 images on there. nothing mind blowing of course, but still pretty amazing, wouldn't you agree?
what surprises me the most with film in general however is whenever i do swaps. either with others, or on my own.
(swapping = shooting one roll of film in one camera, then rewinding it and loading it up again in either a different camera or the same one, and shooting the film a second time. the result will sometimes blow you away).
some of my fave/most surprising swap pics:
Tree House by JillAuville   The Railroad Kitchen by JillAuville   Days In Different Places by JillAuville
"regular" double exposures can be equally surprising, even though the outcome of a double exposure is a more controlled one:
The Mansion by JillAuville   Sleepy Time by JillAuville   Junipero Serra by JillAuville
instant film? instant film is always full of surprises :lmao:
Four Geese by JillAuville   Sand And Water by JillAuville   The Resurrection by Sergel by JillAuville

:icondasghul:: Indeed, I do agree it's amazing! :nod: So your love for film swapping surely also makes you the perfect one for COLLABORATIONS… Who would be your most preferred artist for that, and: Do you also have any particular favourite artists that you'd love to collaborate with, but it just didn't happen yet? :)
:iconjillauville:: two people instantly come to mind:
i would at some point love to do a collab of some sorts with :iconbirgit-zartl-photo:.
and if :iconpolazarus2: was still around, i would harass and stalk him until he caved in and agreed to do a swap with me :aww:

:icondasghul:: Speaking of that, why do you actually think it's always the best ones who leave us/dA? :)
:iconjillauville:: oh, so many good ones have gone, haven't they? :tears:
i struggle to stay on here myself. i have been here since 2004 and i have met the most wonderful people on here, who i most likely wouldn't have met anywhere else.
a lot of these people have left, or at the very best only show up here sporadically.
it could be because there are more social media sites available nowadays than 10 years ago.
people go to redbubble, they use facebook as their main webpage, there's flickr and G+, and even twitter is getting blasted with photography (albeit mostly instagramish art).
i think people leave because of many reasons, a few of them being that dA don't cater much for their style of art anymore (experimental photography, film photography, abstract art).
digital art and fan art seems to be the main focus and i know a lot of people who feel that their art gets drowned in the MLP style of "art" displayed on here.
it's hard to get noticed on such a massive site as dA as it is, even more so when you're working with an unpopular format.
can't say for sure who's fault that is. i could point an accusing finger to the heads of dA and say shame on you for not promoting us better, but that wouldn't be quite fair would it?
they surely don't control which weird trends flare up here and there on this site.
people come. people go. some people come back. some are lost forever :(

:icondasghul:: Yes, :iconjillauville:… MANY great ones have left us. :tears:
But personally, I do think that even MORE great ones have never really JOINED us at all…
Just maybe, this is only because they have some naive childish illusions about face fuck book… And about staff, well, personally I have learned to just accept them as long as their so-called improvements do not ruin the entire site at all… They actually do have NOTHING in common with any ARTIST at all, but they are here, and in a way it even is good they are.
Your comments on this? :)
:iconjillauville:: in dA $taffers defense, there has been A LOT of improvements to this site lately (functionality wise anyway). like i sort of said earlier, it's not their fault people move on to bigger and better things :shrug:
so yeah, i agree with you =D

:icondasghul:: Alright! :thumbsup: So now, let's get back to the start for a moment here… How do your cats, dogs, and non digital cameras actually get along with each other? :)
:iconjillauville:: the parrot wins over all of them, even though she technically is the smallest.
her beak is very sharp :stab: and she will poke you right in the eye (= the lens) if you get too close with a camera :lmao:
so i guess they all get along..? as long as no one bugs the parrot Facial by JillAuville =D
she's a biter! :stab: <shows scars on fingers, hands, and neck... i kid you not.

:icondasghul:: So, as the animal lover you are…
What's the story behind THIS beautiful creature? Ghoul by JillAuville :zombie:
:iconjillauville:: the only story behind the alpaca photo is that my sister-in-law took me to an alpaca farm a couple of years ago, and this odd looking, all white and blue eyed alpaca (who also happened to be deaf) was making the most amazing faces at me... so i shot her :icongunsplz:
oh and btw! while we have been conducting this here interview, i actually went out a purchased that DSLR that i was talking about way back when this interview began.
SO! i started shooting animals in odd positions again, yay... i'm so happy! :iconwoohooplz:
Lamellae by JillAuville   The Lens Licker by JillAuville

:icondasghul:: Sounds like some really GOOD AMERICAN! =D
So because this is just the hour, please do tell our noble audience a bit more about SHOOTING ANIMALS IN ODD POSITIONS! :nod:
:iconjillauville:: i :heart: shooting animals :giggle:
perhaps because it's such a challenge; they are after all, moving targets.
for the most part <glares at fat cat on the couch> :|
birds in particular are very difficult to shoot. they are constantly on the move, either on the water, in the trees, on the ground or way up in the sky, or perhaps even on a perch in your living room <glares at parrot>.
now that i have a DSLR again, i can get back to my bird shooting.
i have excellent SLR's and lenses for them, but i have yet to master the art of shooting a GOOD bird image on film.
it's hard enough as it is on a digital SLR, especially if you, like myself, shoot in RAW and full manual mode.
so yeah, birds :love:
oh! and thistles, i LOVE thistles :iconhyperlaplz:

:icondasghul:: I think THISTLES are actually just a perfect match for your style of photography! :nod: Do you, too? And, generally, would you say that just because your style is as it is, some subjects are more thankful for that than others? :)
:iconjillauville:: you are TOTALLY correct, sir :salute:
which is probably why i don't like the... how shall i say this... i don't really care much for the "pretty" flowers.
the other day i passed a rose garden at the park, and i REALLY REALLY tried, but i can't take a good photo of a damn rose if my life depended on it.
maybe i just by default feel more drawn to the missfortunate looking things in life... like half burned, dead trees... and thistles, rivers that have flooded, crows...
maybe it's because i somehow identify with these objects, these outcasts of nature, the not so pretty things in life.
and dude! that's probably why i like the not so perfect instant film! :iconfacepalmplz:
we've cracked the code!! the case is solved!!

:icondasghul:: And you have seen it live on the Ghoul Show! :hooray:
So, before we end this wonderful interview – do you have any last words for our noble audience? :)
:iconjillauville:: i do indeed:
go your own way. don't follow, don't copy, do your own thing. if you have "the artistic eye", your own personality WILL show through in your art.
maybe not from day one. it might even take years. but stick to what you like doing best, and one day you will have your own style.

:icondasghul:: I seriously think this one to be one of the very best Ghoul Show episodes EVER MADE! :nod:
Having you here has been a REAL pleasure, :iconjillauville:! :iconthumbsupplz:

Next time: The very special 25th Ghoul Show episode, featuring DasGhul by DasGhul, Shiny Desu DasGhul by DasGhul, and I am You by DasGhul!
Do YOU want to be a part of the GHOUL SHOW?
Don't hesitate to apply:… :hooray:

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another good one:)
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Most enjoyable! :clap::love: You still manage to surpass yourself, my friend! :nod:
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"Just say no to MEDIOCRE ENTERTAINMENT:" [link] :dance:
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coolest interview ever!
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A wonderful artist and wonderful works!! I really enjoyed this interview!!!
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this is the most fun interview i've ever done!! :clap:
thank you for the opportunity :glomp:
DasGhul Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2012   General Artist
Show me some others, please. :)
I want to point and laugh at them. :pointandlaugh:
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DasGhul Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2012   General Artist
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FOUND IT!!!!!! hidden way back in their archives :lmao:
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DasGhul Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2012   General Artist
Oh my, still from the PAHNESS era... :omg:

I think it's ok, but I really don't like them "pre-made" interviews at all...
They will never manage to create such an intimate and comfy atmosphere, as some nice and peaceful MEATHOOKS can create! :hooray:
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JillAuville Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
the people i've been interviewed by are not here anymore, so i can't find their journals/news :(
i THINK i've been interviewed by project educate though (or something similar)... lemme go see if that's still around :sherlock:
Morbido13 Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2012  Professional General Artist
Amazing Artist And Wonderful Works!
DasGhul Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2012   General Artist
Agreed! :nod:
And also: Lots of PURE COOLNESS! :shh:
Morbido13 Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2012  Professional General Artist
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