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Die Ghul Show (157) with SIAMESESAM!

Journal Entry: Mon Dec 4, 2017, 10:04 AM
:icondasghul:: Welcome to my humble show, :iconsiamesesam:!
What are your thoughts? :)

:iconsiamesesam:: Well, ... I think I will need a tour of the humble wherabouts before I know in which prospect I have to run any thinking ! Seriously, what's the Ghul show, and what's gonna happen to us !

:icondasghul:: That, actually: is a very fair question! :hooray::thumbsup: If you wanna #learnmore about the GHUL SHOW, I recommend opening just any of my recent journals during the last 4 years, that is titled: "Die Ghul Show!" :hooray::thumbsup: If you still keep wondering WUT IT IS... This it is! :hooray::thumbsup: These are the questions! :hooray::thumbsup: This is what will be posted, as soon as we're through! :hooray::thumbsup: In the GHUL SHOW! :hooray::thumbsup:

So once again: What are your thoughts? :)

:iconsiamesesam:: Alright. So I guess we've just started - and it's a raw starting ! Well done ! I see this show is a tight mechanic. Do these few previous words account well enough for my thoughts ? And : thanks for the invitation - I'm sitting comfortably.

:icondasghul:: tbh, i still have no fn clue about that. Because still: I have no idea what your thoughts are. :slap:
What are your thoughts? :)

:iconsiamesesam:: So you want a thorough scan. Right now, I'm preoccupied by my mother's birthday. It's coming soon and my sister and I can't agree on a present. I'm thinking : you'd rather think hard on that than drinking coffee and giving interviews. But here I am : I'm watching a stack of pictures from a previous urbex session while I dialogue with you, feeling selfish and uncaring. I'm thinking : things are gonna settle on their own, but if I don't do anything, nothing's gonna happen. I'm thinking : this is denial, man, you're a psychotic. And I mark one picture with a star, and another one red, and so on.

:icondasghul:: Ok so if that is truly your line of thought, I have ghreat news for you:

you truly ARE a psychotic! :hooray::thumbsup:
hey: I like psychotics! :hooray::thumbsup:
So what do YOU think your mother should actually get as a present? :)

:iconsiamesesam:: I think that we should DO something special with her, and not necessarily offer her some special item. But the "do what ?" is still undecided. Some family time, of course, because, apart from being psychotic, we also have jobs to attend to, and they tend to draw us away.

:icondasghul:: Away from WHAT?

From the MAIN THING?
Again: What should be done? WITH her? :)
:iconsiamesesam:: Haha, the matter is now settled. We're gonna offer her a photo session - family portraits -, and offer her a dinner at the restaurant.

And. Most people describe themselves by their job - when you meet them at parties or some other social event, they don't ask who you are - but what you do. What do you do for a living ? Well, I'm a ... at ..., or I'm a ... at ... But when you actually try to define yourself through referentials that are your own, and not by some branding written on you by the outside, yes, any job draws you away from the main thing : who you are and what you would do by your own momentum, if you weren't channeled by life necessities.

:icondasghul:: I perfectly dig that one.

So: Who are you? :)

:iconsiamesesam:: The trick is that it is always easier to take the escape route and answer with what one does, because we seldom have any clue about who we are. Does my ID piece account for who I am ? It says I'm a male, that I was born in 1980 in
Annonay, France, and that my name is Samuel Moulin. There's also a picture, of a guy with long dark hair, in which I don't always recognize myself, because he looks rather like a gangster. How far away am I (really) from this cold sum of facts ? How do I populate the world outside to produce the appropriate feedback, the reflections which make me believe that I am at the centre of it all ? Hmmm :lightbulb: ... what's my momentum ?

:icondasghul:: Well... What is your momentum?

:iconsiamesesam:: Huh ! I think that I am like troubled and muddy waters. I need to be left alone for a great while until I know what to do. The storm gets peaceful, and all the particles which were in suspension start to sediment. The havoc settles, the view is cleared, the ground is solid. My momentum is that shifting between storm and quiet again, very fragile balance that can be broken by social interactions, by pure distraction, by music (I love music. There is a job that still needs to be invented, one to be paid for sitting still and listening to music all day and all night long - I'd be candidate for sure - but, then again, as listening to music is a great part of my life, it sometimes prevents me from starting other things : that's why, for example, I turned to photography after having for a while hesitated towards video : it's difficult to adjust soundtracks and dialogues while you are listening to music !), etc. Well. And when I have been rotting, or macerating, or simply collecting myself (as you prefer calling it) long enough, I can begin or take on a project. That might be writing, editing pictures, or planning a photo excursion - I have to find the next abandonned uranium mining site I am going to explore ! Of course, as said previously, the main obstacle to all this (I mean, being still long enough to settle, to decant sufficiently), is having a job. I mean, I like my job a lot, but I'd be very happy if I didn't need to have a job (some say they get tired of staying home and are happy to eventually go to work. I don't understand them.).

:icondasghul:: Do you have a THEME SONG?

Not necessarily as in, "your favourite", but as in: a theme song?

Also: If I just said distribution of wealth, what would be your spontaneous reaction to that?

:iconsiamesesam:: Difficult indeed to point a favourite song : there would be so much ... Nowadays, I'd say : Pink Dust from Sqürl. This is a band formed by Jim Jarmush, to extend the musical featurings in his last movies (more precisely Only Lovers left alive) !

And if you say distribution of wealth, my spontaneous reaction to that is shivers and goosebumps, because if there is such a distribution, it is totally unfair ! Since 2008 and the subprimes crisis, I've read a lot about economics. Finance is a great sharkpool where symbolic violence is at its top, and when it goes down the chain and departs itself from its symbolic attire, it expresses itself as raw violence. It becomes physics. Food? Well no, no food for you. Water? Huh, name a price. Well, if it's salty you can keep it, you can even drown in it.

:icondasghul:: So, in what way (if at all?) does this way of seeing the world also influence you as an artist?

Above Some Endless River by siamesesam   Isolement by siamesesam   Haute Tension by siamesesam   Heavy Liners by siamesesam

Effect of moving out of the way by siamesesam   Good News by siamesesam   Solid Arm by siamesesam   Blood Banks by siamesesam

Because here is what our SEXY SIDECAT has to say about you, and I fully agree to that!

:iconvrinda-the-wistful:: I recently decided he's a must-watch, incompetent watcher though I am.  He has a very personal, recognizable style - full of mystery and strangeness, and sometimes dreadful beauty. :)

:iconsiamesesam:: Well, first of all, the word incompetent may be misplaced, :iconvrinda-the-wistful: being the competent watcher of an incompetent photographer, though her saying pleases me a lot and I like to have her commenting my work !

And, as an "artist", I try - I try - to show different visions of the world according to what I think. This is a world of parking lots, of lit streets while there's no one to walk them, a world of concrete and of abandoned construction sites. I seldom do portraits, but I often chase human by its trace, its mark on the planet, and this mark is often a stigmata, a scar. There's also the idea of inertia : the impact of our creations being so deeply implemented that there's no way to stop them, no way to go back, thus they have gained some self perseverance and start to exist for themselves. I try to shoot the cities and the factories like they are on some tangential course, each day more strange than the day before. That's why I shoot mostly around dusk and dawn : the empty parking lot need electric light like plants need sunlight, while, high above, the stars disappear. If I can catch a fading milky way above my landscape, I do it, no matter how hard it is.

I also decided to try to photograph the invisible : radioactivity. This natural strength may have been one of the spurs of evolution, but, in its concentrated form, this is one of the biggest threats unleashed by mankind, and while it can't be seen, I think it is still worth to give it a shot. When I was in Ukraine, I couldn't decide to go and photograph the samosols, these people who have settled back into (or never left) the contaminated area of Tchernobyl, and when I was in Belarus, at the Belrad, I couldn't decide to photograph the children who came to the institute for their measure, I was not keen on giving way to the human zoo. So I decided to shoot the land they were living on and the things they ate. Trace, again. I guess I am wandering around like if I were the last man on Earth...

Oh, I changed my theme song, this is now the whole Dead Man soundtrack by Neil Young !

:icondasghul:: So, you're trying to actively give messages through art?

Do you think that is even possible, considering, yknow... how humans usually are?

:iconsiamesesam:: Conveying messages through art ? Do you know how humans can really be ? As the saying says, the message is received only by those who already know it ... Well, I'm not just documenting either. I think I'm just trying to find a way to express myself, and to share this feeling of a world become a bit strange.

:icondasghul:: By any means: Tell me! :nod::thumbsup: How CAN humans be?

Do you see some unused potential in them?

:iconsiamesesam:: Humans are wonderful. They have brought up moral thought (torture ?) above the background of conscious life (I cannot deny consciousness to the other species), and this is the origin of everything beautiful we make (and of everything ugly of course). In a nature already complex, we are factorizing this complexity, and thus adding to it, with a tragic counterpart : we make the nearest possible real, and as we are still individual beings competing with each other, this nearest possible never looks like universal good, but always like mean selfish achievement. One can never aknowledge the planet as a whole. Conceptually, yes, one can, as we are good with abstract constructions, but these constructions are what they are; they remain distinct from the everyday life's blur. One can know his local actions impact the whole world as a non local globality, and still do what he does regardless.

I believe there is however some unused potential : we're good at fixing things, especially when it's too late. Of course the result is always much more disappointing than what could have been done if we had chosen to prevent the damage, but then you never see as much energy spent in the pursuit of a common goal. Eventually, one day it will be really too late, and then this will be the end of complexity. The Earth will become a desert and life will have to take a raw start. I think a species like homo sapiens sapiens is a very fragile balance, some kind of experiment (I said some kind, I don't believe there is someone above putting us at test !), and if it tilts too much in one direction or the other, it's at a high risk of crash. We will have been a shooting star in the history of the Solar System, and that's all. Maybe someone is doing much better on another planet, and we'll never know about them.

:icondasghul:: Well here's what I think... I agree that some humans might be wonderful on an individual level, but the more you zoom out (starting with groups of two), the more they tend towards absolutely disgusting.

Would you agree to that?

Or would you rather say: the disgusting thing herein is rather me still being the same me that I am while judging individual humans, judging an entire species by the very same measures? As in: me just being egocentric?

:iconsiamesesam:: Well, ha ! That's interesting ! I totally agree with you - except that, according to me, a crowd starts at three (that's where you lose your sense of individuality), but yes a crowd is danger. However, you're not being egocentric, on the contrary : we tend to be kind towards our next of kin, and to be real scumbags to the rest (just a few billions people by the way), but the understanding of next of kin is flexible and depends on the context. Nevertheless, they got you covered, if I may say, and you can behave anyway you like, no one will notice and your responsibility will be diluted. If anybody were really more egocentric, they wouldn't strip off of everything they pretend define them (their "values", their ethics, etc) while hidden into a crowd ! There's no sense in blaming individualism, when real individuals hardly exist at all ! That's why I love so much zombie movies, especially the Romero trilogy, when one of the characters says : "they're like us".

Some people compare humanity to AIDS, and I prefer to refer to cancer : AIDS is a foreign agent, while cancer comes from the inside. We're the cancer of the Earth. Anyway, both can be cured eventually - well I hope we will find something against AIDS in a near future, but so much progress has been done already !
I like to say there are three dimensions of time from which to draw a perspective : there's the short-, the mid- and the long-term. The short term is the one my individual life stands into, the mid-term is the species dimension, and the long term is like the geological point of view. We should all focus on the mid-term : that's were the life of our children, the possibility of the continuation of human kind on Earth, are at stake. That's the dimension of "commonwealth", of fossile energies, of global warning, of waters rising, of permafrost not so frost anymore, etc, but all our attention is demanded in the short term, because this is the dimension of the affect. Am I loved ? Am I sick ? Shit I'm still hungry after one pizza, and what is itching in my back right now, and I'm still biting at my nails, and what am I gonna do in the next two hours to escape from boredom, etc etc ... In the short and in the mid term, things matter. Not the same things, but they do matter : there's a subject for which they matter. But, hey, the Universe, and even the earth, have spent a hell lot more time without us, than with us. The time without us, compared to the time we've been here ? Infinity. Who are we ? Who do we think we are ? We are less than a fart in the history of the Universe. Whether we succeed or we go extinct, we'll be soon no longer here. We could still be a beautiful bloom, a nice trajectory, but all we will deserve is no more than a laughter ! So let's feel, let's be affected, while trying to work a bit too for the bigger picture, but let's not take this all too seriously !
Hffffff, sorry

:icondasghul:: Do you have any specific things in mind, about seeing a bigger picture?
:iconsiamesesam:: Oh, these are actually very simple things : don't let the water run while you brush your teeth, etc, but also try to buy things in a more intelligent way : don't buy vegetables which have travelled from the other side of the planet when your neighbour grows the same in his garden, ... I don't know ... Things which are so easy and obvious, and in the same time so difficult to do, because we're no more used to them ...

:icondasghul:: So basically: Just trying to see a bigger picture! I second that…

Do you have any last words left, for our noble audience?

:iconsiamesesam:: well I hope these won't be my last words ever, because I'm not ready to go underground yet, anyway : I'm really glad to have been taken on the Ghul Show, I was afraid in the begining, but I really liked the spaces of free speech you opened here - I didn't even know I was so full of crap ! So : thanks a lot !

:icondasghul:: Ladies and gentlemen ghuls and non-ghuls: :clap::iconsiamesesam:!

About his mother's birthday, ways to see the world, and why just maybe, mankind shouldn't be exterminated at all! :hooray::thumbsup:

Last 3 previous episodes:
:iconparacletus42:: Die Ghul Show (156) with PARACLETUS42! (2nd time!):icondasghul:: Welcome back to my humble show, :iconparacletus42:!
Do you notice any differences? :)
:iconparacletus42:: Not at all, in fact I've always enjoyed a certain stability of yours. Times may change, but Ghul is unmistakably Ghul - not you maybe, but the presence, the aura. It feels good to be back. :)
And It only occured to me now that more than three years have passed already.
:icondasghul:: Damn, is it rly three fn years already?
*checks* yes it is... :ashamed:
So talk some more about what those years have been meaning for YOU, please! :hooray::thumbsup:
:iconparacletus42:: First things first, I've done the worst thing possible: kept silence for a year and a half. Something burned out. It may have been fruitful in the end, but I felt myself very miserable all the way through. A troublesome time. Some building, some rebuilding, rather dark as the night ususally goes. Can't say it's over, but definitely ending as of now.
It doesn't really help that the waters are rather low t

:iconigor-demidov:: Die Ghul Show (155) with IGOR-DEMIDOV! (2nd time!):icondasghul:: Welcome back to my humble show, :iconigor-demidov:!
Do you remember your last appearance here? :)
:iconigor-demidov:: Hello, Ghul, how could I forget about that? Ofcourse, I remember it, and as well I remember all those after-talks about the show.
:icondasghul:: Anything specific you liked best about the experience? :)
:iconigor-demidov:: I must be honest with myself:
It is pleasant when someone interested in your opinion and in yourself. So I liked most the fact and process of interview. It is so ... self-affirmative. But at the same time this is the disturbing splinter, because I ask myself : hey dude, are you so very narcissistic now? May be too much?
:icondasghul:: Really? You wondered if you are too narcissistic just because you enjoyed being interviewed? I mean: really? As in: REALLY? :paranoid:
Tell us everything that comes to your mind when you hear NARCISSISM, please! :nod::thumbsup:
:iconigor-demidov:: Really. For me NARCISSISM is some kind of self-admiration.

:iconrobert-alan:: Die Ghul Show (154) with ROBERT-ALAN! (2nd time!):icondasghul:: Welcome to my humble show, :iconrobert-alan:!
Do you remember your last appearance here? :)
:iconrobert-alan:: Of course, how could I not? It's right up there with the day I lost my virginity...
Thanks for having me back.
:icondasghul:: The last time you were on, we talked a lot about your BRAIN…  
So tell me: How did your BRAIN develop during the last () four years?
:iconrobert-alan:: Oh this brain of mine.... we might have to ask my therapist about that one.
But as only time can tell you, as you get older (and older i'm getting) it becomes less about the brain and more about the soul... but i'm not certain that I have much of either one. Maybe its the absence of these things that keeps me moving forward, you know like the ocean....
or a flushing toilet.
:icondasghul:: Are you fn serious? Are you really seeing a fn therapist?
If so: fn WHY? :slap:
:iconrobert-alan:: yes I do s

On a personal side note: Please go send some love to the SEXY SIDECAT.
She is not well and might need that now... :pray:

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